Grilled Yuri Back At Work

Ok, I wasn’t very convinced when my friends told me to stop lying under the sun all day because I wanted to get the perfect tan. Yet when I got back to the office the other day, I saw that I had exaggerated it a bit that I kind of looked like a ‘grilled Yuri’. But then again, the golden pointed Miu Miu’s went very well with my tan.

Top 3 styling tips with a tanned skin:

1. Choose bold colors like turquoise, pink, yellow, green

2. Spice your outfit up with a touch of ‘gold’ in accessories

3. Pick fluorescent nail polishes!

태닝한 피부를 위한 스타일링 팁 :
1. 청록색, 분홍색, 노란색, 녹색과 같은 대담한 색상 선택
2. 확튀는 스타일 옷에 악세사리는 ‘황금’의 터치로 마무리
3. 핫핑크 네일컬러

Dress found in NY, Handmade Earrings, Shoes: Miu Miu, Bag: Chanel, Ring: YSL