The after party in Seoul

After the Dolce&Gabbana Event in Seoul, I stayed on to see my family and friends. On the 9th November, I went for brunch with lovely little Yumin and her mum Dohuyn at the Comme Des Garcons shop which had just opened. It was a beautiful autumn day, I relished the crunch of the golden leaves under my stiletto pumps.

Yumin and I are the perfect couple: look at us here, aptly dresses for such an artistic environmen. I was in stars from head to toe and Yumin in the evergreen chic of the Burberry’s check.

She never stops playing! OMG it took us like an hour to walk down 4 flights of stairs! Hahaha!

Here are my shoes! Everyone loved them, especially Yumin, she even wanted to try them on!

Finally the Comme Des Garcons shop which had just opened.

This is Yumin’s portrait of me. Very sweet, but I couldn’t make head nor tails of it!

Before saying goodbye- Yumin, Dohuyn and me. See you soon girls!