Spring break at Lake Maggiore.

01_yuriAhn_fashion-editor-swide-Spring-break-story-lake-sesto-calendeFor these beautiful spring days, when the sun is warm and all you want to do is to spend time in good company, it’s perfect  to go outside Milan. For this Spring break I found an AMAZING place near Milan last Sunday: Sesto Calende on the lake Maggiore.04_yuriAhn_fashion-editor-swide-Spring-break-story-lake-sesto-calende-with-Marcello-TomasiI’m wearing a fuxia sweater, matching  flower printed leggings and Boots with Studs. Do you think it’s too much? Don’t worry, all women go crazy with colours in summer. We love to live with colours! 02_yuriAhn_fashion-editor-swide-Spring-break-story-lake-sesto-calende  I love to organise some spring drinks in the garden with my friends. Specially with this view! 05_yuriAhn_fashion-editor-swide-Spring-break-story-lake-sesto-calende-with-Marcello-TomasiDid you notice that the photographer use an analogic camera?  Film sometimes is the best! Thanks to Marcello Tomasi!

03_yuriAhn_fashion-editor-swide-Spring-break-story-lake-sesto-calendeAt the end of the day, after the lake, I relaxed doing some sketches .. of course with a glass of prosecco!06_yuriAhn_fashion-editor-swide-Spring-break-story-lake-sesto-calende-with-Marcello-Tomasi


Photographer : Marcello Tomasi