Jae Yoo- Hotter than a bowl of Korean Udon

Who needs a clutch bag when you have a designer microphone?

Domenic Dolce’s and Stefano Gabbana’s forthcoming trip to Korea, and my involvement in the organisation, lead me to thinking back to Men’s Fashion week and my amazing interview with up and coming Korean model Jae Yoo.

Considering I’ve just been appointed official interpreter for the designers during the Korea trip, its quite fitting that I post something in Korean this week. In June, the Swide team caught wind that the designers had cast Jae Yoo, an up and coming Korean model for the D&G show. I jumped at the chance to interview him, in Korean of course- who wouldn’t want to have a friendly chat with an attractive young man?

As well as assisting to the pre show presentation of the collection given by the Dolce and Gabbana themselves, I interviewed a few bloggers outside the Metropole theatre, the venue of the show. But soon came the big one.

There he was, as cute as a button in his stripy top, like some sort of Asian gondolier. He seemed nervous, not only because of the interview, but also cause he was about to take to the D&G runway for the first time.

The idea of taking advantage of the shared background, we’re both Korean but living abroad, helped him calm down, and the interview was a real success. As well as adding an extra touch of cosmopolitan glamour to Swide, I got to relish in my culture and mother tongue.

Here’s hoping that my linguistic skills won’t let me down next week as I head off to Seoul with the Dolce&Gabbana posse. Stay tuned for some exclusive images and anecdotes from the trip.

Gotta stay on top of things- here I am re-reading my questions for Jae Yoo

We could make a cute couple no? Intervew with Jae Yoo on Swide

Real work still needs to be done in the backstage



Real work still needs to be done in the backstage

Is that Nikola Jovanovic?

BrianBoy in backstage

To warm up for my big interview I start with a chat with Italian blogger Valentina Siragusa

After the interview I thought the microphone to be a fitting accessory.

The model’s list

The End of the day, I was so happy:-)