Dolce & Gabbana Party in Seoul

I’m as their official translator for Mr Dolce and Mr Gabbana on their tour to Seoul. The design due headed to the Far East for an event packed trip, culminating with the grand opening of their boutique in Seoul.

I was nominated to enter with them at the party- I was so nervouw yet honoured. It was nervewraking to spend the evening alone with them, but it all went well,  they were surprisingly easy going. The designers were very satisfied with the event and their fashionable Korean guests.

Here I’m looking a bot lost at the event- I had like 10 roles to fulfill all at once. I needed to introduce the Korean celebrities to the designers with a brief bio of course. I also had to tweet and Pr for Also the Korean guests were a little taken aback by my almost naked ensemble. Heheh! But the Italians, inlcuding the designers approved.

I followed the designers like their shadow. Even though I was nervous I did my best to live up to the expectations at the event.

As well as doing PR for Swide, tweet and follow the designers and keep track of the Korean celebrities I was a blogger as well!

Choi Shi-Won  is a very attractive Korean pop star. During the event he was very attentive and curious about me, he asked me lots of personal questions. He didn’t quite realise I was old enough to be at least his aunt!!!

Always Tweeting! At some point my mobile phone gave up on me. In this picture I was trying to figure out what its problem was. My mother was just happy to have me in Korea! And mum, thanks for the Amazing earrings!!

He’s back again! He even wanted to take a picture with my whole family!

At the event corsets and evening gowns from the Dolce & Gabbana archives created a museum like atmosphere. I was beautiful.

WOW! The lights from the Dolce & Gabbana SS12 show were exported to Korea for the event!  The corsets and dresses from the SS12 collections were inspired by lights and fireworks.

Korean Actor Ju Jinmo. As soon as I saw him my heart almost exploded… I had to insist that the designers take a picture with him, he’s so famous in Korea.

Korean actress Lee Min-Jung.

Korean actress Kim Sa-rang with Designers and Me.

Korean singers- Dong Bang Shin Gi. Even though the designers were tired they were agreable and smiled to everyone.

Korean actress Park Si-Yeon.

By now my family made friends with the designers.

At the end of the party, Domenico is asking me about some clubs he could go to afterwards. Even though he was tired he wanted to live the Korean nightlife!

There was even a market stall, just like the ones that gave the inspiration to the SS12 show.

The corsets and dresses from the SS12 collections were inspired by lights and fireworks.

This Bustier is my favorite!

The atmosphere inside the boutique was magical.

Talking about the culture of Seoul.

My lovely family. Only my brother was missing- he couldn’t come because he had work engagements.

My Lovely Mom&Papi&Nuri.

All team of Dolce&Gabbana and Domenico.

The atmosphere outside the boutique was magical. The store is located in a very posh area of the city, and the setting was magical, all light by beautiful candles.

My Diary of Second Part for the trip with Mr Dolce and Mr Gabbana is coming soon!