My day on screen with Ivan Olita

On Sunday 2011_06_19, the day before the D&G Menswear Show, I attended another glamorous event. I was nominated to take part in a video with Ivan Olita! I can’t believe they asked me to appear in it with him! I was quite anxious about it, but at the end it was a very enjoyable experience. He was a really good actor, it didn’t seem like he was acting at all, so realistic!

The location was Dolce&Gabbana’s Gold restaurant. As soon as i spotted this baroque throne i had to take a picture on it.

While I was waiting for Ivan to finish the scenes he was shooting alone, one of the members of staff at the Gold restaurant entertained me with 40 minutes worth of explanation about his bespoke motorbike. He was very proud, but i didn’t really understand anything!

We had to redo so this scene like 30 times… It was all my fault!

It was a beautiful sunny day though!

We waited for a taxi to take us to the preshow meeting at D&G to choose a look for the fashion show. Since Gold is near my house, a few of my friends randomly walked by, but i couldn’t say ciao to them cause i was acting! Hahaha How funny….This Picture is my favorite<3

While i was waiting for the selection of clothes at the meeting Dennis took this picture of me.

Finally we decided what outfit i whould wear. It was  so secret i had to hide it in a bag!!

Just before the show, Ivan interviewed almost every model in the backstage. here with twin brothers, Kevin and Jonathan Sampaio.

After a couple of days we did a shoot where i appeared all on my own! It was embarassing, but William was directing me on set- i had to be the perfect Swide fashion editor: professional, fashionista and sexy!

I couldn’t opt out of some leaopard for this shoot’s look!

The end of the day, After the shoot i deserved a glass of wihite wine with my friends.