Shopping? I am (always) in!

Me, Massimo and Yigit were super excited for the shopping day at Disponibile. Each one of us had a long wish list for the Dolce&Gabbana FW collection. Before leaving for Legnano, where Disponibile is located, we stopped by at California Bakery for breakfast. We had a long chat debating what to order and what was better to leave on the shelves.

Massimo and Yigit kept joking about the fact that I was all dressed up, more for a night party than for a shopping day! I am a bit like that, most of the times I dress according to the occasion,  ut sometimes I wake up and I feel in a certain mood where I just dressed how I feel like, and that morning I just wanted to be all ready to party!

Here I look a bit worried: I was checking my wallet to figure out the budget for the day!

Here we were trying to figure out how to turn my glittering key ring into an earring!

Shopping from 10 am to 4 PM: I was wrecked.