Plastic Fantastic this Spring Summer 2012.

Plastic is no longer a much loved material. As much as it has brought huge technological advances and for a time it was a material which represented status, today, also thanks to the influence of ecologists, it has become something like the Devil’s material.Plastic’s negative press is also associated to aesthetics: plastic surgery for example, as much as its commonplace, is still considered a stigma. And being called a “plastic” woman is all but a compliment. In fashion however, spring summer 2012 has seen a resurgence of plastic. Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton example has elevated plastic and adopted it in his collection in many different guises. His use of plastic was intended to give a “fake” feel to the collection. Perhaps a commentary on today’s society? Dolce&Gabbana, in their signature mix and match style have presented few items in PVC, trimmed with hand crafted raffia crochet or hand applied crystals. And of course one of the incarnations of the Dolce Bag is weaved PVC. A union on man-made in a technological sense and man-made in a craftsmanship sense. Marni on the other hand used laser cut plastic to decorate their accessories. Many other fashion houses, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga presented plastic mixed with a variety of materials, from natural to synthetic, or even masqued natural fabrics to make them seem like plastic. Many women will look at these items and think twice about buying them as they don’t know how to look after them and wash them without ruining them. Fashion victims will be queuing outside the stores to bag themselves a little piece of this “plastic fantastic” trend to wear for one fabulous evening and then store in their archive. Regardless what ecologists may think, I think that in fashion the type of material used is secondary, every material, whether plastic, PVC, silicone or glass can make beautiful clothes. And for Spring Summer 2012 plastic or PVC are that all-important edge that will make you look more real.

And of course one of the incarnations of the Dolce Bag is weaved PVC.

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