a boyish twist to a Dolce&Gabbana leopard mini

Leopard print is a bastion of the Dolce&Gabbana style: sexy wild and fun, it’s a good namesake for many of the qualities of the brand.

Here I wanted to create a sexy yet boyish look. Here’s how to do it.

For ss12 Dolce&Gabbana have sealed leopard print on white denim-I chose a mini skirt from the collection. It’s a fashionable office or day look. For that reason, match to it a nice white shirt, may seem a bit mundane, but it’s a hit, trust me. Over the top layer a black lace vest and a caramel hued boyfriend fit chiffon blazer. It’s very fashion forward and glamorous. I matched a pair of wood and leopard sandals, wear them with men’s socks to add some pluck to your office look. Carry an oversize leopard print clutch with pink trim, to hone in on the leopard and ad a small hint of colour to your outfit.

Today I wore a white shirt with a white denim leopard print mini skirt. I’m wearing high heel red and leopard print shoes to set off the outfit and to contrast it all a maxi suede clutch.

It’s a sunny day so I wipped out my black sunglasses from the Dolce&Gabbana SS12 Matt Silk Collection.

I love my Dolce&Gabbana high heel sandals! They’re leo pony with with mix and match red crocodile skin.

I’ve love my blue nailpolish, and I love the way it contrasts with the leopard print.

As i mentioned above, wear your leopard print sandals with men’s socks. Its a more personalized twist to the outfit.

here i’m wearing a classic leopard print top in stretch tulle with black jeans. I was about to go into a meeting.

Otherwise you can turn the look on its head and wear a coloured leopard print top with a tiny denim mini skirt.

As i’m sure you must have already noticed, i have a thing for leopard! I have it in like every colour possible and in lots of different materials and on a variety of items, from accessories to dresses: i love it!

And for SS12 Dolce&Gabbana have gone fluo! Amazing for the beach. Stay tuned for some beach tips from me soon…

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And as we know well… Leopard print is a integral part of the Dolce&Gabbana DNA.