A good start to the day

I’m quite health conscious, and I’m generally quite careful about what I eat and put into my body. The most important meal of the day for me is breakfast. I prepare a healthy home made smoothie with fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s the best way to get my five-a-day. Plus its low in calories and high in nutriments. The ingredients are: fresh sicilian oranges, blueberries, kiwis, carrots, strawberries, apples, tomatoes, ginger. I also put half a glass of orange juice and put everything in the mixer. This massive smoothie gives me the energy I need to tackle the day.

As well as the smoothie I also eat an organic soy yogurt @Sojasuntweet

The smoothie and the yogurt fill me up, but I also take vitamins and supplements to further enhance my regime. My mother finds me all these potions! I take lots of pills every day then for one month a year I detox from all the vitamins.

These are my supporters:

Rutina 100mg- Its an antioxidant and helps blood circulation.

Chlorella- this is an algae and also helps to detox the body.

Magnesium and vitamin D- There are perfect partners. The nutrients of the vitamin are assimilated better when taken in conjunction with magnesium.

Super Collagen + C – It has anti aging qualities: great for the skin.

Fiber Antioxidant- Helps the smooth workings of the intestines.

Omega 3- The fatty acids in omega 3, also obtainable from fish like salmon are great for thecardiovascular system and circulation.

Vitamina E- This is a fat-soluble vitamin found in many foods, fats, and oils. It is also an antioxidant, a substance that may help prevent damage to the body’s cells. Antioxidants may provide protection against serious diseases including heart disease and cancer.

BioKap Miglio Donna- Contains soy and Angelica which helps the endocrine system: hormones. Strengthens hair and nails.

Betacarotene is basically Vitamin A, which is essential to the body.

Throughout the day I snack on dry fruit and nuts. I love prunes, blueberries, almonds and pistachios.