Swide 2.0 is now online!

The whole of the Swide team is super excited because after lots of hard work our new and improved Swide 2.0 is finally online. We’re packed with new features as well as a lovely new interface. Each session is divided in five mini homepages so that you can navigate through your interests with ease. We have polls and comment boxes where you can respond to questions or comment on the articles. We also have a My Swide network where you can personalize your RSS feed and receive notifications when things we know you like are published. Like many other magazines us editors now have a face to go with the name. We organized a photo-shoot here at the offices and here’s a little about the day. The objective of the shoot was that our characters would stand out so that they reflect the editorial choices made on each homepage.01_Swide2_profile_yuriAhn_fashion_editor_Blog_theStylistme_Dolce_Gabbana_FW13The shoot was on the same day as the Dolce&Gabbana Menswear FW 14 presentation. I was last on the list for the day, and well, even if I have my own blog I still get slightly embarrassed when having my picture taken.  The photographer was really good at making me try out different positions.02_Swide2_profile_yuriAhn_fashion_editor_Blog_theStylistme_Dolce_Gabbana_FW13And this is the set!03_Swide2_profile_yuriAhn_fashion_editor_Blog_theStylistme_Dolce_Gabbana_FW13_Aurelie'Here is my favourite Bijoux! You have already met her through other posts on my blog theStylistme! She’s the project manager for Swide! Thank you so much for all your hard work, without you we wouldn’t have this wonderful new Swide!

04_Swide_teamHere is the whole Swide editorial team all together. Chief editor Giuliano Federico, Fashion editor Yuri Ahn, Food & Travel editor Elisa della Barba, Sport editor Hugo Mc Cafferty , Art & Culture Editor Ben Taylor , Lifestyle editor Valentina Zannoni, Fashion editor assistant Massimo Di Felice , Art Drector Karla Matijašić , Grafic designer Isabella Gamez

05_Swide2_profile_yuriAhn_fashion_editor_Blog_theStylistme_Dolce_Gabbana_FW13I asked the photographer to take a passport picture of me too so I can use it for some documents I need to renew in the next few days. I hope it looks like me!!! lol06_Swide2_profile_yuriAhn_fashion_editor_Blog_theStylistme_Dolce_Gabbana_FW13After a long presentation and the shoot I was tired but excited to think that Swide 2 was about to go online!07_Swide2_profile_yuriAhn_fashion_editor_Blog_theStylistme_Dolce_Gabbana_FW13A picture with the photographer himself! Grazie Marcello!

Photo credit: Marcello Tomasi