Five fashion tips for Fashion Week

01-styling-tips-for-milan-fashion-week-2013-lookHere are five tips to survive #Milan Fashion Week. First- suggest for look with a Sicilian Folk Dolce&Gabbana Moor print and macramé dress. The silhouette is so feminine and i love the Moor print and I love big statement accessories; it’s a personal taste. bring the bucket bag is the must have item this season. Don’t miss Barrow-shaped sculpted wedges are so beautiful and colourful to be continue with the Sicily look. 02-styling-tips-for-milan-fashion-week-2013-foulardI find foulards very chic and versatile accessories which can liven up any look.

03-styling-tips-for-milan-fashion-week-2013-monica-lipstickRed lipstick. On your lips i twill glam up your look, and on your cheeks i twill remove that computer screen pallor.

04-styling-tips-for-milan-fashion-week-2013-stripe-sunglassesSunglasses are central accessories for styling. They’re handy during fashion week, the glare of the runway lights and flashes.

05-styling-tips-for-milan-fashion-week-2013-wedgeheelDon’t forget Barrow-shaped sculpted wedges! Women love love love shoes, and so do I! These will get you noticed by the photographers who lurk outside the shows.

Illustration by yuri Ahn.

Credits: Dolce&Gabbana