Which Sicilian look is your favourite?

The Dolce&Gabbana Spring Summer 2013 Sicilian Folk Collection is varied in its themes. Sicilian prints, fabrics, images and crafts have all been used in the collection to give a real sense of the isalnd. From sun umbrella inspired stripes to Sicilian Island print tops and wicker basket like evening dresses, Sicily has permeated all areas of the collection. Which Sicilian look is your favourite?01-dolce-and-gabbana-runway-womenswear-the-puppet-show-ss-13The Puppet Show- Dolce&Gabbana love referencing their favourite island, Sicily, and there are few things more Sicilian than the Pupi, printed on skirts, dresses and more.

02-dolce-and-gabbana-runway-womenswear-mix-and-matching-sicilian-folk-ss-13Mix & Match Sicilian Folk- Take different elements of Sicilian Folklore, like the Moor head vases, the Sicilian horse drawn cart and the majolica and make a colourful outfit for summer.

03-dolce-and-gabbana-runway-womenswear-pottery-becomes-high-fashion-ss-13Pottery becomes high fashion- Ceramic Moor Head vases make up one of Sicily’s most folkloristic exports. Linked to a romantic myth, celebrate local folklore through fashion.

04-dolce-and-gabbana-runway-womenswear-a-knights-tale-ss-13A Knight’s Tale- Sicilian marionettes dressed as knights printed tunics this summer.

06-dolce-and-gabbana-runway-womenswear-23 - accessories-with-strings-ss-13Accessories With StringsColourful, summery, textured, inventive and unique, these accessories are as colourful and mesmerizing as a Sicilian Pupi puppet show.

My favourite thing is Pupi printed Organza dress!

All items are available on the Dolce&Gabbana e-boutique now!

Credits: Dolce&Gabbana

Illustration: Yuri Ahn