Dancing the polka dot

00_yuriAhn_fashion_Editor_Swide_mix_and_match_with_polka_dot_dressPolka dots are an evergreen print, and one much loved. I want to show wear them for a fresh look perfect for spring. I’m gonna go all out with Polka dot.

01_yuriAhn_fashion_Editor_Swide_mix_and_match_with_polka_dot_dress Lets start with an elegant white silk tube dress with polka dots by Balenciaga. Love Celine luggage bag.02-_yuriAhn_fashion_Editor_Swide_mix_and_match_with_polka_dot_dressAdd a touch of colour with Big apple necklace & Glitter sunglasses by MiuMiu and tie it all together with this pretty Dolce&Gabbana ballerina shoes.03_yuriAhn_fashion_Editor_Swide_mix_and_match_with_polka_dot_dressWell accessories in particular are a my favourite toys! This case Including Vespa. lol04_yuriAhn_fashion_Editor_Swide_mix_and_match_with_polka_dot_dressI’m going to lunch at Poporoya where you eat the bestiest Japanese in Milan. My favorite menu is chirashi.05_yuriAhn_fashion_Editor_Swide_mix_and_match_with_polka_dot_dressI love super size jewellery

Have a beautyful day!

Outfit of the Day

DRESS : Balenciaga

SHOES : Dolce&Gabbana


BAG : Celine