Why did the python cross the road

00_yuriAhn_blogger_theStylistme_mix_and_match_styling_with_pythonI’m in the new area in MilanPorta Nuova Garibaldi The renovation and improvement of the urban texture is a natural development for the existing quarter.

01_yuriAhn_blogger_theStylistme_mix_and_match_styling_with_pythonI’m wearing Roberto Cavalli clothes which i bought when i worked in their design office. Even though the clothes are from old collections, i still love the python print chiffon shirt with crocodile belt.

Outfit of the Day


SHOES :  Prada

BANGLES :  Dolce&Gabbana, YSL

BAG: Chanel

05_yuriAhn_blogger_theStylistme_mix_and_match_styling_with_pythonIt was an absolutely stunning day.06_yuriAhn_blogger_theStylistme_mix_and_match_styling_with_pythonIt’s as wild as the jungle including accessories. lol 15What do you think of these Giant earrings with Sicilian charms for this look?

08_yuriAhn_blogger_theStylistme_mix_and_match_styling_with_python As you noticed, I was covered with python. 07_yuriAhn_blogger_theStylistme_mix_and_match_styling_with_pythonmy lovery Chanel bag with studs is surrounded with flowers. 10_yuriAhn_blogger_theStylistme_mix_and_match_styling_with_python It’s funny because sometimes I take pictures of him! lol

11_yuriAhn_blogger_theStylistme_mix_and_match_styling_with_python_in_Garibali_MilanWith this occasion I present to you the new area in Milan – Porta Nuova Garibaldi.

A strategic element of the urban texture. Porta Nuova reconnects the three projects, Garibaldi, Varesine and Isola, covering an overall surface of more than 290,000 square metres. 12_yuriAhn_blogger_theStylistme_mix_and_match_styling_with_python_in_Garibali_MilanThe renovation and improvement of the urban texture is a natural development for the existing neighbourhoods. A pedestrian system was studied to involve green areas, piazzas, bridges, as well as a large park that seamlessly connects the different neighbourhoods efficiently and securely.



14_yuriAhn_blogger_theStylistme_mix_and_match_styling_with_python_in_Garibali_Milan This pic is the old quarter of Garibaldi.

Photographer : Marcello Tomasi