Mix and Match Sicilian Folk

00_yuriAhn_Digital_Fashion_Specialist_Dolce_and_Gabbana_wearing_Sicilian_mood_SS13Ciao! I’m wearing one of my most favourite (recently) Sicilian mori print top of Dolce&Gabbana SS 13 matching heavily featured pairs of leader leggings.  It’s Simply amazing!

01_yuriAhn_Digital_Fashion_Specialist_Dolce_and_Gabbana_wearing_Sicilian_mood_SS13An outfit I wore out to dinner with my friends in Petit Bistro where one of my favourite place!

02_yuriAhn_Digital_Fashion_Specialist_Dolce_and_Gabbana_wearing_Sicilian_mood_SS13Okay, Who would honestly wear leather leggings on a 30° temperature? I was litterally burning in them!

03_yuriAhn_Digital_Fashion_Specialist_Dolce_and_Gabbana_wearing_Sicilian_mood_SS13Jewellery in particular are a my favourite toys! and Nail polish As the weather changes, so does my preference for nail polish colors. I choose a super bright colour. What about you, what are your current favorites?

04_yuriAhn_Digital_Fashion_Specialist_Dolce_and_Gabbana_wearing_Sicilian_mood_SS13Red Dolce bag is New entry for my wardrobe!

05_yuriAhn_Digital_Fashion_Specialist_Dolce_and_Gabbana_wearing_Sicilian_mood_SS13Now in terms of shoes, I decided to go for these awesome slingbacks of  Dolce&Gabbana.

06_yuriAhn_Digital_Fashion_Specialist_Dolce_and_Gabbana_wearing_Sicilian_mood_SS13Just waiting on a friends!

You guys Have a lovely night!

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