00_YuriAhn_theStylistme_Monochromatic dressing_for_ AutumnMY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS Monochromatic dressing is pairing varying shades of the same color together. Well! Today i’m wearing a turquoise colour dress with a royal blue clutch with a s electric blue mirror sunglasses. It can be done with almost any color and any type of clothing.  The result is an extremely polished, chic and quite slimming approach to dressing. A pair of different textures and fabrics within the same color family to create an even chicer look. Follow on Instagram my daily update!

01_YuriAhn_theStylistme_Monochromatic dressing_for_ Autumn 02_YuriAhn_theStylistme_Monochromatic dressing_for_ AutumnWhen choosing accessories, go for complementing or even a pop of color. Well.. jewellery in particular are a my favourite toys, including Vespa. lol  J’adore getting around with a Vespa.

03_YuriAhn_theStylistme_Monochromatic dressing_for_ AutumnElectric blue mirror sunglasses by Mafalda86.04_YuriAhn_theStylistme_Monochromatic dressing_for_ AutumnMy Monochromatic dressing for this Autumn including nail polish color. Lol

05_YuriAhn_theStylistme_Monochromatic dressing_for_ AutumnKiller shoes can be the absolute winner!

06_YuriAhn_theStylistme_Monochromatic dressing_for_ Autumn 07_YuriAhn_theStylistme_Monochromatic dressing_for_ Autumn
Sometimes, the simplest ideas lead to the best of results. All i needed was a red Vespa08_YuriAhn_theStylistme_Monochromatic dressing_for_ Autumn 09_YuriAhn_theStylistme_Monochromatic dressing_for_ Autumn Cheers!  Hope you’re enjoying your life and living every minute to the fullest!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

Stay tuned loves! Lots of love

DRESS : Net-a-porter

SUNGLASSES : Mafalda86

SHOES : MiuMiu

BAG : Versace


Ring : YSL