Everything In Its Right Place

I had my favourite song playing in my head all day long: ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ by Radiohead. Don’t you feel like that sometimes? What counts in life is friends… Friends who keep you good company on a boring Monday at lunch break. This is what happened: I called one of my close friends, Yigit, for lunch and he was more than happy to come with me to grab a bite.

As Radiohead sang in my head ‘there’re two colors in my head’, I noticed I was actually wearing two colors myself: hot pink and violet. A busy girl like me has to be good at time management, otherwise you get lost in that hectic schedule: thanks God, I can always trust my Cartier (although it always advises that it’s time to shop!).

What time does your watch show? Time to love or time to work?

이날은 머릿속에서 내가 좋아하는 그룹 라디오해드의 ‘Everything in it’s right place’노래가 온종일 맴돌았다. 내 마음 그리고 모든생각을 나누는 친구 Yigit 이 지루한 월요일 점심시간을 아주즐겁게 만들어 주었다.
온종일 내 머릿속을 맴돌던 라디오헤드의 노래처럼 내맘속엔 두가지 컬러가 있었다-핫핑크 와 연보라, 그날 내 스타일링처럼!
내 Cartier 시계는 다 기억할수없을만큼 꽉찬 내 일상 스케쥴을 듬직하게 지켜준다.일, 사랑둘다!