A Glass Of Spritz

I’ll be honest with you: I’m not much of a alcohol lover. Although I admit that I do enjoy a glass of white wine with a bit of jazz music in the background every now and then. One of my friends, Natasha Slater, invited me over for a drink to Bar Straff in the center of Milan. I had once stayed in Hotel Straff and it was a very nice, luxurious experience. Anyways, I didn’t want to lose time in changing my outfit so just adding a skull-print Alexander McQueen scarf, I spiced it up a bit and took a taxi to Straff.

Yigit was there with his friends, as well as my ex colleague Lia. Well, Yves was there too, always hugging me tight at the neck, showing more love than any other man could ever do! Yes, I’m referring to the Yves Saint Laurent necklace.

In the end, I ended up taking a lot of pictures with friends and enjoying a glass of Spritz. How was your night?

솔직히 난 알코올을 별로 좋아하지않지만, 가끔 내가 좋아하는 재즈음악과 화이트와인은 기꺼이 즐긴다. 친한친구중의 한명인 나타샤(Dj), 그녀가 밀라노 시내에있는 Straff 호텔 바에 나를 초대했다. 사무실에서 바쁜 스케쥴을 마치고 옷갈아입을 시간조차없이 해골프린트 알렉산더맥퀸 스카프만 서둘러 어깨에두르고 택시를 탔다. 장소에 도착하니 나의 친구들, 옛직장동료 리아가 이미 도착해서 날기다리고 있었다.내 사랑스런 입생로랑 목걸이는 저녁내내 그 어느남자보다도 더열성적으로 내목을 꼭끌어안고있었다.그날 마음맞는 친구들과 이태리 북부지방 국민 칵테일 Spritz를 마시면서 찍은 사진들을보면서 그날풍경이 다시 그려진다.

Shoes: Jil Sander, Dress: Alexander Wang, Neckalce: YSL, Watch: Cartier, Scarf: Alexander McQueen