My Portrait from Yoo Min’s Perspective

‘About A Boy’ by Nick Horny happens to be one of my favourite novels of all times. Although I have watched the movie many times, I still prefer the book itself. Hugh Grant does a great job portraying the main character but the movie doesn’t live up to Nick Hornby’s irony and humour.

When I was in Korea, I met Yoo Min: the daughter of my best friend. She was as sweet as  candy. When she asked me: ‘Can I do a drawing of you?’, I had to say yes. You know how insisting small children can get!

She had millions of colors in her pencilcase yet in the end my portrait had just one color: orange. Had I exaggerated my auto-bronzer that day or what?

‘About A Boy’ by Nick Horny는 가장 좋아하는 소설 중 하나다.
영화에서 휴 그힌트는 주인공성격을 잘소화하디만 Nick Horny의 아이러니와 유머까지는 표현되지 못했다.
유민은 내 가장 친한 친구 도현의 딸 :사탕처럼 달콤한그녀가 내초상화를 그릴수있냐고 물었고, 그녀는 백만가지컬러의 색연필을 꺼내들었고 결국엔 오렌지 컬러로만 날그려줬다.