Ogling Dolce&Gabbana VIP front row

From Fashion editor to Fashion Blogger. After my work as fashion editor in the backstage, I transformed into a fashion blogger for thestylistme. The picture from-Pleasure on top

ciao @Natasha Slater

Although its February, the weather was beautiful and warm. I decided to welcome spring with this cropped jacquard courgette print jacket from the SS12 collection and a pair of oversize black macramé shorts.

14:30 its show time! My seat number was C 572! I was told I was sitting next to @Simone Nobili, @Luca Finotti. And it was lovely to finally meet thease guys face to face!

It’s a shame that the photos I took don’t do justice to the setting. The baroque chandeliers laden with roses were outstanding! It felt like being invited to a grand ball at an 18th century palace! Front Row-Marpessa, Andrea Dallal, Taylor Edwin Hackford, Helen Mirren, Hack Ford, Monica Bellucci, Sonam Kapoor, Bianca Brandolini D’Adda, Marica Pellegrini

Front Row- Bryan Boy & Susan Tabak

After a quick chat we settled down to watch the show- it was so exciting! Have a look at the video on Swide