As you may have noticesd, i have a slight obsession with shoes. Having said that, one day i realised that i don’t have a shoe for my every styling need. I have shoes in lots of colours, shape and uses, but no black pumps. I started looking for some, but it was hard, there were almost none i liked. Black pumps are simple and classic, the shape of the heel and toe is essential. Unfortunately, the unfailing Christian Louboutin was of no help, cause they didn’t have my size. However, i discovered Alejandro Ingelmo – they were exactly what i wanted! I matched them with my favourite D&G parka with fur lining, and of course a touch of leopard print with my Dolce&Gabbana bag!I love my vintage inspired glittery red Miu Miu Sunglasses . At the start i wasn’t so sure, but now i really love them! It was a lovely wintery day, and that red glitter was so bling!

And here are the shoes, its simple, with a round toe, not too round and a straight heel. Exactly what i wanted!

I love to play with masculine feminine looks. Underneath my military parka i was wearing a black lace and cream organza baby doll dress.

I got teased a bit cause someone thought it was a top, but i promise you its a mini dress! lol