My passion for flowers

Now, I want to let you into a relatively unknown passion of mine. I grew up in a fashion environment as my parents owned a fashion lable. It was only natural for me to grow up to be a fashion designer. 13 years ago i moved to Milan and i studied fashion at the Marangoni school, and after that i had lots of lovely experiences as a fashion designer in many top  fashion houses. I am very happy and satisfied with my experiences as a fashion designer and currently as fashion editor for Swide.

Of course my passion for fashion is deeprooted, but i harbour another love: Flowers. If i didn’t succeed in the fashion world i would have love dto be a florist, always sorrounded by nature, flowers, with their inhebriating fragrance, colours and textures. I would have loved to care for flowers and plants all day long and prepare wonderful bouquets and compisitions

Everytime i see flowers its like the first time! I am mesmerized by their beauty and fragrance

Close to our office we have an incredible florist, called Fiori Rosalba. everytime i walk past i have to stop by and see what she’s got in store.

I am curious to see what new flowers have arrived and what wonderful creations Rosalba has created, where she got her inspiration. As well as being a florist, Rosalba is a Jazz singer, she organizes music events in her store, and of course when you visit there is always some jazz playing. When i pop ovr we talk about flowers and listen to her music. I’ve always loved jazz.

‘Viola’ here, the sweetest blonde Labrador is the florist’s guard dog!

That day i popped into the shop to get a plant, and i think my Dolce&Gabbana SS12 tomato print skirt and Miu Miu glittery sunglasses worked like a treat in that natural and floral environment. Wouldn’t you say?

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