Packing for the Red Sea

I definitely need a relaxing holiday and for this Easter vacation I chose to go to the beautiful Red Sea coast at Marsa Alam in Egypt. Four years ago I went to the Red Sea at Sharm el Sheikh, I have such lovely memories. It was a great place for colourful fish and snow cooling, which I really love. Its always a chore to pack for me, I wish I could take my entire wardrobe, but of course I can’t so I have to make selections over selections until I get to the right baggage weight. And I also need to factor in what I might buy when I get there! First things to clock where they are: I pad and passport, as well as books to keep me company on the beach. I also need lots of sun creams. I have a very peculiar skin considering I’m Asian. I tan easily do not burn or go patchy, but I also loose my tan super quickly. I use protection 20 for the body, a cream by the brand Emotion, a super hydrating and biological cream. While for the face I use Crème de la Mer, spf 30, all year long actually.

Since I have long hair, I have to care for it as I would the face when I’m at the beach. I use Huile de Palme di Leonor Greyl- for protection and conditioning. I also use it as an intensive treatment once a week; it’s a very light kind of oil. Otherwise I use Lait Luminescence by Leonor Greyl, for brilliance and luminous reflexes, and it also leaves the hair so soft! Thank you to my hairdresser @Area 6 for the advice!

Here are my super colourful bikinis! I love to wear bright colours at the beach, sometimes not ecen matching top and bottom- I like to play around with mix and matching. Of course, leopard print could not be missing.

I always wear flats on the beach.

I’m thinking of painting my nails with glitter for Marsa Alam.

But its not over yet! This is my next selection for the beach and who know what else I might add just before I leave the house!

Sandals for the evening: I haven’t quite finished going through them!

When I’m at the beach I don’t wear much make up, but I do pay a lot of attention to the colour of my lips.

And here are my fragrances- always in my suitcase! I usually put a dab of perfume on before go to the bed. I like floral scents but not too sweet. Hanae Eau de Parfum by Keiko Mecheri. Its my favourite- I like to wear it all the time, whether it’s a normal day or a special occasion. Robert Piguet Baghari This is my favourite for winter, it’s a bit mysterious, amber and natural vanilla.  Fracas- This is the only more feminine and sweet perfume I own:, vetiver and musk. Tom ford Black Velvet- Its a very interesting scent- its strong yet elegant- I like to wear it in the evenings.

When I’m tannd I love to wear make up on my body, with a glittery effect.. I use the illuminating cream by l’Erbolario  as an after sun, Its hydrating, and contains micro gold glittery elements. Nuxe-Huile Prodigieuse  / Sisley- Phyto-ToucheOr It’s a dry oil which contains Vitamin E. Its delicate and illuminates the skin with an iridescent shimmer. It gets absorbed immediately and it doesn’t ruin your clothes.

I also pack all my vitamins! I take lots (keep an eye out on thestylistme for my vitamin “digest”). For the summer months I like to take Chlorella- A plant extract rich in chlorophyll which helps against the ageing of the skin and to create melanin. In summer I also take Vitamin E, and Beta Carotene also for the skin.

And here is where I’ll be going to Hilton Marsa Alam Nubian Resort.

When I get back I’ll post some pics of the holiday!