Obsessive compulsive? No, just a nailpolish addict!

I always look at people’s hands when i meet them. Are they clean? Well looked after? Tidy nails? Whether they’re men or women i think hands say a lot about someone. Hands can tell you about their work, their lifestyle and hands can’t undergo aesthetic procedures: so its all true! Aahah! People probably tend to think about clothes or accessories and may think about their manicure as the final element, or as not important at all. I on the other hand place a lot of emphasis on nails, i like for them to always be tidy. As well as tidy, i of course love to go wild with nailpolish! As you may have already gathered i have an obsession with nailpolish! I like it bright or glittery, something that just stands out, as you know i like ostentatious accessories that are visible from 30Km away!

Minx-2 years ago in NY i discovered a sticker-like nailpolish which gives a metallic gold effect You glue it on by heating the sticker with a hair dryer. Its called Minx. And i absolutely loved it!! It lasts about a week, but it shouldn’t get too wet, so when you come out of the shower make sure you dry your hands first. And if you need to wash your hair use latex surgical gloves! I don’t know whether Minx has crossed the ocean and arrived in Milan. If you know let me know!

Red nailpolish for me its an absolute classic. It looks great with every colour of clothes and print. Its feminine and sexy. My favourite colours are Chanel: Dragon 475 and Rouge Fatal 487.

French Manicure- This type of multi colour glittery French Manicure is made by theStylistme.  I don’t like the white (or coloured) line on the nails of classic French manicure, so i tried to invent something a bit more blurred. Here’s how to do it: Choose a neutral colour as a base coat. Place a small amount of any colour you fancy over the end of the nail. Then take a shower loafer, which you’ve cut up in small squares and dab it over the coloured tip so that the colour becomes more intense and textured. Add a layer of glittery nailpolish and then another layer of coloured and carry on dabbing. Finish off with a top coat. You can also do it with an intense colour as the base and just glitter on the tip.

Fluo- In summer i like to dress relatively simply, with bright colours and maybe some oversize or unique jewellery to set off the outfit.  I also like to wear fluo nailpolish which gleams in the sun.  I like to contrast the nailpolish to my outfit, but always with some harmony of course. For fluo colours i suggest you look at ‘America apparel’ or Dior. They both have a vast choice.

Bright colours- I generally wear bright colours all year round. For me nailpolish is like a coloured accessory. I like YSL, ChanelDiorOPI. They have lots of interesting and unique colours.

Sometimes i dare with black too!

Here these are my favorite colors of nailpolish for this spring.

I usually do my nails at l’Arte Mia in via Anfossi 8 in Milan. Where is your favourite nail bar? And here’s a last tip. Three days after you’ve had your manicure done, pass another layer of top coat- the colour will become bright again and last even longer. And now have fun!