Salam from the Red Sea – Chapter 1

For these Easter holidays i was in real need of a relaxing break, so i chose to head to Marsa Alam located on the Egyptian West Coast of the Red Sea. All I wanted was a lovely hotel, white beaches and crystalline sea, and that’s what I got! I chose the Hilton Marsa Alam Nubian Resort. It was lovely, the resort sprawled forever and it was dotted with beautiful low buildings with the suites and rooms. It had 4 swimming pools and an amazing restaurant that served a large variety of international cuisines. So here’s my first day: in order to avoid sunburn (to no avail) i left the room at 7 am already wearing spf 20. It was lovely, the warming rays of the sun, the gentle breeze… it was exactly what I needed.On day 2 of the holiday I woke at 6 am with the sunshine pouring into my bedroom. I went to the gym, and then had a healthy breakfast with lots of fruit and yogurt and cereal. After the gym I settled by the pool with my ipod and a good book.  One of the ways I like to relax on holiday is by reading, especially novels. I knew this holiday was all about relaxing, so I took a few books with me. Ah look at me immersed in my book.

As you may have already noticed in my previous post when I was packing for holiday, I prefer super colourful bikinis! I love to wear bright colours at the beach, sometimes not even matching top and bottom- I like to play around with mix and matching. Of course, leopard print could not be missing. Obviously I like to mix and match with my sunglasses and nailpolish too.

The hotel had 4 different swimming pools, low pool, one with a whirlpool as well as a regular and a heated one. There was also a private beach, for the lovers of the sea. It’s called Abu Dabbab. It was a magical place and they even had a camel! Look at him all dressed up, he was as colourful as me!! lol

As you can see from these snaps, another favourite pastime of mine over the holiday was drinking! I always had a cocktail in my hand! I love all-inclusive! As well as the meals, all cocktails and drinks were included too! And I must say, I took advantage of it! I’m quite susceptible to alcohol, so after every drink I collapsed for like 2 hrs! My favourites were one called Red Sea Freezer with Guava juice and the Palm Beach with mango.

Stay tuned for the second chapter of Salam from the Red Sea!