Salam from the Red Sea – Chapter 2

On the third day we decided to go for a wonder out of the hotel and visit a beach nearby called Sharm Al Huli. The beach at Sharm Al Huli was incredible: white sand, transparent sea, and loads of coral and colourful fish. It was beautiful.  It was really interesting, outside the resort was only desert, our car was almost the only on the whole road.

I’m ready for snorkelling! It was a shame I couldn’t take any underwater pictures, the fish were awesome! My friends kept laughing at me though cause I wore my sunglasses under my snorkelling mask! It wasn’t cause I wanted to show off… the sun was just really strong!

Here I took some incredible pictures of these souvenirs sellers, it was so windy they hid under their stall to protect themselves form the wind.

In the evening the Hilton Marsa Alam Nubian Resort was transformed in a romantic heaven. Lots of tea lights lining the little paths which meandered in the property, they even shone brightly in the pool. In the vening it was rather hard to get dressed, I was a bit sunburnt. Here I’m wearing a simple Versace dress with loads of colourful bangles.

I usually prefer to eat fish than meat, so being by the sea I thought I was gonna eat fish to my heart’s desire. Instead they served loads of meat, especially lamb and beef. I later discovered they don’t fish in the area to aid the coral reef conservation projects.The food was very international, but there were lots of Egyptian flavours to spice things up. In particular I loved the stuffed breads in loads of different shapes, from camels to the Tutankhamen’s tomb.

Here is a local dish I loved Egyptian Koshary. Its cooked with cick peas, barley and some sort of spaghetti. They also had lovely roast lamb with couscous and beef sausage with pitta bread and veggies.

The day at Marsa Alam was rather different from Italy. The sun burned in the sky at 7 am but it started to get dark at 5 pm. Typical of desert locations, as soon as the sun went down, I felt the cold. It was also maybe cause my skin was so hot from the 8 hrs of sunshine, but you know… I couldn’t resist though, it was lovely watching the sunset from the swimming pool, with a cocktail in hand of course!

On my last day at Marsa Alam I delected myself with taking some typical holiday snaps. Palm trees- It was like being in Beverly Hills! At dusk, I lounged on a hammock sipping a drink and congratulating myself on my tan: in a week I got a good colour, well a bit burnt, but a good colour nonetheless! The sun is strong on the Red Sea but the cool breeze can be deceptive- I had no idea I was literally grilling myself!

I wanted to show you my hotel room. It was a modern room, with cool colours which reflected the sea. The décor was also quite Egyptian, with little trinkets and statuettes. I had a beautiful view of the lawns and the swimming pools from my balcony. The service was excellent too. And there was a fun addition to the typical turn down service: the staff created fun animals with the towels. Every night I’d find a different animal on the bed: a duck, a dog, a fish… and I discovered they did it only in my room: my friends confirmed that I received special treatment!

If you fancy a lovely and relaxing holiday with sun sea and cocktails, I suggest you visit the Hilton Marsa Alam Nubian Resort on the West Coast of the Red Sea.

And now, here’s my reading list for the holiday:

1Q84 by Haruki Murakami (he’s one of my favourite authors), Station by Asada Siro,Water to the Elephants by Sara Gruen

While for the music- here’s my relaxing play list. I like to download music loads of new tunes, but when I want to relax I trust in my golden oldies!

Helen Merrill-Jazz, Rachel’s, Stan Getz, Royksopp, RadioHead, Cat Power, Sigur Ros, Trentmoller, Dirty Three, MuseLodovico Einaudi, Thom Yorke, Murcof