Traditional Korean Cuisine meets Italian Fashion

For the interview on food i cooked a typical Korean dish called Japchea.The dish consists of stir-fried sweet potato noodles with vegetables and a generous serving of soy sauce and sesame oil. In this post I hope to introduce you to elements of the Korean culinary tradition as well as the ins and outs of a fashion shoot with @Grazia @Alessandra Sutto @Teresa Nicole Erra  @Federico Garibaldi @Dennis Valle.

Here Teresa Nicole Erra and phoographer Federico Garibaldi are testing the light. For the best result, we had to do lots of takes, we ended up with over 3000 pictures!

And now here is the piece de resistance! I look rather calm in the pictures, but it was the opposite, I promise! I started chopping the vegetables basically at dawn, and I assure you, cooking in 14cm heel sis not something for the feint hearted! I loved the Dolce&Gabbana SS12 dress from the Sicilia portion of the collection. It’s super pretty and very comfortable. The fabric and cut make it so feminine, it was perfect for the shoot.

My mother, who is an expert in making the dish, advised me to chop and cook each vegetable separately. I had peppers (in three colours) spinach, mushrooms and onions. Cutting onions with full make up proved rather difficult! I kept crying like a baby!

After the shoot we all set down and tucked into the Korean feast. Carrying on with the theme of the multi cultural meeting, the beer we chose to accompany the meal is a very special artisan brew from Belgium called Kwak. The food came out well, and it was the first taste of Korean for many of them, and it was a success! Thanks to @Grazia @Alessandra Sutto @Teresa Nicole Erra @Federico Garibaldi @Dennis Valle.

Now here is the recipe Japchea.

Ingredients: sweet popato noodles, Peppers, yellow and green and red, Spinach, Onions, Mushroom.

The noodles need to be soaked in cold water for 30 min then boil for 3 mins and then stop the cooking by rinsing them under cold water. Cut the vegetables julienne and stir fry in a wok with some salt. Add the boiled spinach (which you cooked for just 2 mins) and the noodles. Stir vigorously over a high heat. Add soy and sesame oil to taste.  Place on a pretty serving dish and add sesame seeds for decoration. This dish can also be served with some boiled rice. Try It!

Here it is: cooked and ready to eat!

Photo Credits by @Federico Garibaldi @Dennis Valle.

Here are all the dresses from the Sicilia portion of the collection. With the simple Sicily dress I wanted to just add a bit of glamour with a pair of special earrings. It took me uite a while to choose the right ones!

Gawk at my accessories obsession!

In the end I chose the classic earrings with golden charms and medals. Dolce&Gabbana launched in 2011 their first ever collection of fine jewellery- check it out here!

If you fancy some more styling tips for this dress, look here.