A Sicilian dinner @Gold w/ the bloggers hosted by Dolce&Gabbana

We know that Dolce&Gabbana were the first luxury fashion house to collaborate with bloggers during the fashion show. And today, the relationship with this sector of fashion media is still strong. For #Milanofashionweek SS 13, as well as dressing the bloggers we organized a dinner at the Gold restaurant the day before the Fashion show.I’m still in a romantic mood here, mixing feminine with baroque. I’ve chosen a Dolce&Gabbana white lace top with puff sleeves and a floral print pencil skirt and my much loved baroque jewels from the FW13 collection. I tied my hair up in a high ponytail too. Before dinner we they a typically Milanese Aperitivo. Ciao handsome @Pelayo of katelovesme .He’s really calm and lovely! The atmosphere for the dinner at @Gold restaurant. Dinner was really fin. Thank you for coming!

The menu was Sicilian through and through. The starters were Sicilian cold cuts, then Pasta alla Norma, with aubergines and tomatoes (my favourite ever) and then swordfish with salad. The dessert was a Sicilian Cassata (made with candied fruits and ricotta cheese) and Sicilian cannoli (made with the name filling as cassata). There are no pictures of the dessert; it was so beautiful and inviting i bit into it before taking any pictures! Lol

Are the paparazzi sitting at dinner with us? @Stein Jessica of Tulla @Lau Susanna of Stylebubble @Warne Nicole of Garypepper @Schuman Scott of Sartorialist @ Diaz Pelayo of Katelovesme   

As you can see, bloggers are always on line! They always need to be up to date with news and comments. @Lau Susanna of Stylebubble @Schuman Scott of Sartorialist @Diaz Pelayo of Katelovesme

Thanx for coming. Nice to meet you @Stein Jessica of Tulla  @Warne Nicole of Garypepper  @Lau    Susanna of Stylebubble

Thank you Alessia and Bernadette for organizing this lovely dinner.

Here are two handsome guys: Edward Wu &Dennis Valle.I’m really glad to have met Edward, he’s lovely, polite and he really spoils me with compliments.

After the food we chatted and laughed until 1 am! OMG! I didn’t want massive bags under my eyes for the fashion show! I couldn’t pass on the opportunity of some pics with the gold walls. With this feminine look i skipped on the body glitter: but notice my iphone case and nail polish! lol Good night everyone!

quickly one pic before to go at Home. And Dream team Dennis Valle & Bernadette & Alessia B & Me @Elias Denni  of Chicmuse & @Knox Kristin of theclotheswhisperer

And here’s a picture of my accessoties!

I love this picture from Tommyton. Guess who? @ Carisi Eleonora of joujouvilleroy @ Chua-Go Ingrid of thebaghagdiaries @ Leung Tina of Tinaloves         On Vogue Italia. We ♥ Dolce & Gabbana :) #MilanFashionWeek ! @Vogue.it

Thank you again for helping me choose my look for #Milanofashionweek.

What happen on the 20th September i celebrated my actual birthday with the Chicmuse Kristin Knox at Fiori Rosalba Piccinni ! for a Jazz & Flower & Bubbly Evening ♥ #MFW

Dinner was really fin. Thank you for coming!