Celebrate 2013 in Gangam Style

In Korea New Years’ Eve is one of the most important celebrations. In all oriental countries we celebrate it with mega parties!In Korea we have two new years actually, one is the general one and one is the Chinese one, which every year falls on a different date. People usually choose to celebrate either one or the other but I like partied and I celebrate both! Usually my mother starts preparing a feats to enjoy on New Year’s eve with the whole family a couple of weeks before the party, A little bit like for  Christmas in the West. The main dish for New Year is Tteokguk, it’s a custom to serve it on Korean (Lunar) New Year Day. In our culinary tradition we don’t have a starter and main course, but eat everything at the same time. To find out more about Korean food and customs.01_New_year_outfit_Dolce_Gabbana_FW13_Yuri_Ahn_fashion_editor_Swide_blog_theStylistmeI’m choosing my outfits for NYE! I’m passionate about italy, its culture, food and language, and my family are also interested almost as much as I am. i’m lucky or not to be part of a family where fashion is important! We all compete on the way we dress, receive compliments but even criticism of course! I think its important to wear something lovely even if you’re just with your family!

02_New_year_outfit_Dolce_Gabbana_FW13_Yuri_Ahn_fashion_editor_Swide_blog_theStylistme_05I would like to choose something beautiful for New Year’s eve from the Dolce&Gabbana Baroque collection. I love the caped embroidered top with a tulle skirt with the same embroidery. My second option is this beautiful tulle dress with puff sleeves and opulent gold embroidery. While my third choice is a cross-stitched rose dress. Which do you prefer?

03_New_year_outfit_Dolce_Gabbana_FW13_Yuri_Ahn_fashion_editor_Swide_blog_theStylistmeThough all three dresses are very over the top, you just know I’m gonna add some jewellery… I can’t do without big statement pieces! lol Read more Dolce&Gabbana Bijoux broque collection on Swide.

Its just a few days to my trip to Korea! Can’t wait!04_Korean_cusine_new_year_tteokguk-korean-rice-cake-soupHere it is! The main dish at a Korean New Years’ Eve feast: Tteokguk, tteok meaning rice cake and guk meaning soup in Korean, is a traditional Korean rice cake soup dish, though in my family we prefer it with add-ons such as mandu meat dumplings. 05_Korean_cusine_new_year_tteokguk-korean-rice-cake-sopMy mother will be preparing lots of other delicious dishes!06_korean-food-thestylistme-yuri-ahn-favourite-foodsI can’t wait to eat Soe-galbijjim is one of my favourite Korean dish. Braised beef ribs with Korean radish or brown oak mushrooms, vegetables and seasonings. Beef pieces cooked in soy sauce and sesame oil and ginger, basically a stew cooked in a a clay vase called tukbaege that you can combine with various vegetables. This is a typical Korean dish, That is one of my Mother’s successful dishes. Read more recipes!07_yuriahn-thestylistme-traditional-korean-cuisine-dolce-and-gabbana-ss2012-collection-dress-pumps-miss-sicily-sicilian-dress-jewelly-shootingit’s now time to think about what to wear  Dolce&Gabbana SS13 Pre Collection for New year parties. Read more on Swide.

I wish you all a lot of optimism and imagination so that 2013 will be better than 2012!

And that you’ll meet the love of your life!

Happy holidays!