Find a red that suits you

언제나 유효한 레드 립스틱!beauty-trend-fall-winter-2013-red-lipstick-styling-tips-illustration-by-yuriAhn-fashion-editor-swide

On your lips i will glam up your look, and on your cheeks i will remove that computer screen pallor. and Sometimes i don’t have time to freshen up my look when going straight out form the office, so I’ve found a perfect one trick with Red lipstick. Find a red that suits you.Dolce-and-Gabbana-fashion-show-fall-winter-2013-beauty-trend-red-lipsAs you know, one of the strong trends of the Fall/Winter 2013 is Red lips! Linked in the forties camp, the red lips look matched with black eyeliner. Lightly rouged lips, almost stained, helped underpin the makeup-less looks which divided the Forties.
Dolce-and-Gabbana-fashion-show-mosaic-fall-winter-2013-beauty-trend-red-lipsAbsolutely don’t miss in your bag for FW 13! beauty-trend-fall-winter-2013-red-lips-forties-ispired-davide-gandya kiss with red lipstick. lol01210200000000101_1_Style_Vogue_co_kr

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Illustration by Yuri Ahn