Styling tips for the Spring break!

Here Styling tips for the Spring break upcoming holidays!dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2013-womenswear-collection-sicilian-foulard-print-styling-tips--for-holidays-from-yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide-03Let’s turn our attention to Summer and start planning for Spring break!yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_styling_tips_for_holyday_dolce_and_gabbana_ss_2013First of all, absolutely don’t miss in my suitcase Dolce&Gabbana’s  striped dress is effortlessly chic!
yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_styling_tips_for_holiday_dolce-and_gabbana_ss_2013I want to Add some colour with orange Sicily Bag!dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2013-womenswear-collection-sicilian-foulard-print-styling-tips--for-holidays-from-yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide-02After a lovely day at the beach you’ve earned yourself an ice cold cocktail. I’ll ear this stripe trapeze silhouette dress that ispired dy the sun umbrella on Italian beaches.bagnisillo-italy-liguria-beach-paradise-thestylistme-yuriahnI am a lover of sun and sea! 

yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_holiday_relax_Camogli beach_ I was looking for a new place to visit for a quiet weekend with some friends.

dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2013-womenswear-collection-sicilian-foulard-print-styling-tips--for-holidays-from-yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide-01Its time to go to the beach! A silk foulard print mini dress is a real must. The colours will accentuate your tan, especially when you carry this PVC Escape bag with foulard print internal clutch bag. don’t miss touch of colour with a bright yellow i phone cover, colourful and it protects your tech!

yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_styling_tips_for_holiday_dolce_and_gabbana_ss13Here! What to pack for those candlelight dinners on a romantic little restaurant on the beach! I’ll wearing “Mix&Match” game! Rose print and lace top & lovely feather skirt with contrasting military shirt. I love it!

dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2013-womenswear-collection-sicilian-foulard-print-styling-tips--for-holidays-from-yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide-04I suggest you to go for something understated in style but of impact because of the prints. a Sicilian moor bodysuit to high wasted majolica shorts.

yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_relax_holiday_marsalam_egypt_red_sea yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_relax_holiday_marsalam_egyptRelaxing break at Marsa Alam on the Egyptian West Coast of the Red Sea. 

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