My Shooting with Mini Magazine at Excelsior Milan

01_yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_shooting_with_mini_Dolce_and_Gabbana_FW_2012 A few weeks ago I’ve a special day for a shooting with Mini a Russian magazine at Excelsior Milan, the new luxury mall. When they contacted me to arrange this shooting for a special issue featuring the Italian fashion bloggers, They’ve proposed to do it at…Excelsior’s butcher! The idea was to create the contrast between the Dolce&Gabbana FW 2012 collection , a “Baroque extravaganza” and a traditional (tipical) Italian market!02_yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_shooting_with_mini_at_Excelsior_behind_seams_story_Dolce_and_Gabbana_FW_2012We were a little bit confused on the location…Butcher or Deli?

03_yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_shooting_with_mini_at_Excelsior_behind_seam_story_Dolce_and_Gabbana_FW_12_BaroqueWhile we were deciding, this kind gentlemen gave us a delicious beef tartare, the best I have ever eaten!

04_yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_shooting_with_mini_at_Excelsior_wine_Dolce_and_Gabbana_FW_12_BaroqueThen we moved to the wine corner of Excelsior, to choose a bottle for a special dinner I was organizing for my friends…

05_yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_shooting_with_mini_at_Excelsior_Dolce_and_Gabbana_FW_2012_Baroque 06_yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_shooting_with_mini_at_Excelsior_taste_wine_Dolce_and_Gabbana_FW_2012_BaroqueHere I am, while tasting some wine with this kind waiter, and…let’s say I was pretty drunk! lol

07_yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_shooting_with_mini_at_Excelsior_Dolce_and_Gabbana_FW_2012…and then this is the place we chose for our shooting…what do you think?? It was quite embarassing to stand on the in front of everybody…

08_yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_shooting_with_mini_Russian_magazine_at_Excelsior_behind_seam_story_Dolce_and_Gabbana_FW_2012 09_yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_shooting_with_mini_at_Excelsior_behind_story_Vladmire_Marcello_ClaraHere is the sweet team for shooting! Thank you very much  Vladimir Jarnikov, Marcello Tomisi, Clara with my heart!


Credits:  Mini Magazine


Location: Exelsior milano

Photographer: Marcello Tomasi