I Love Illustrations, Illustrators Loves Me.

I would like to present some illustrations of me through this post. They are so pretty!Kathryn-wilkins-mavy-illustration-yuriAhn-fashion-editor-swide As you know, I’m the Fashion editor at Swide.  I’m also  a fashion designer and I absolutely love to drawIllustration:  is one of the passions in my heart. One of my daily routines is to do research for new ideas on the internet for my creative projects on Swide.

Occasionally I’m doing illustrations for some special projects, specially Fashion and Style on Swide. Here! I present you some portraits of me, drawn from great illustrators.  1. Pretty portraits of me by Mavy DesignArt.554269_330493847061474_1883749141_n

2. The street style and psyche of Kathryn Wilkins.  Marcus Kan has his sights set on street style but via the eye of illustrator Kathryn Wilkins, whose digital work gives her subjects a hand-drawn dressing down.


This Picture from  the interview with Ceci magazine.08_yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_fashion_blogger_theStylistme_interview_Ceci_Korean_magazine

3. illustration by Mitja Bokun.423225_10200194481803199_842426295_n


I was in the Japanese restaurant for lunch. lol05_yuriahn_thestylistme_japanese_lunch

I find it very cute! Thank you sooooo much :-)

Credits: Mavy Design, Kathryn Wilkins, Mitja Bokun