Music with Passion

yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_passion_with_music_mix_and_match_stylingIn the morning it’s really important to have a good and healthy breakfast with relaxing music . I do LOVE Jazz and classic: from Mozart to Dirty Three.. Cat Power, John Coltrane, Jerry Mulligan, Astor Piazzolla, Keith Jarrett, Stan Getz, … and some Junior Boys.For the night atmosphere my choice change.. I love artists such as AIR, Sigur ros, RadioHead, MGMT, Aphex Twin, Rachels, Muse, Röyksopp, TrentemølleryuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_passion_with_music_mix_and_match_styling_04Here I am choosing my favourite music, to find the perfect soundtrack for a special day!yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_passion_with_music_mix_and_match_styling_03What do you think of this very feminine chiffon blouse with a corset (from my Dolce&Gabbana archive ) matching my boyfriend jeans? yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_passion_with_music_mix_and_match_styling_06Which accessories you would love to suggest me? Sequins or something similar?Maybe something bling bling? ;-) LOLyuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_passion_with_music_mix_and_match_styling_10Obviously.. my first passion is fashion.. but even healthy food, love, music, movies, .. money? ;-) lolyuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_passion_with_music_mix_and_match_styling_02