Someone talking about me?

By chance I discovered a Korean blog 워니-jyo5618 who wrote an article about me. What a pleasure it was to find out!01-korean-blog-워니-jyo5618-presents-yuriAhn-fashion-editor-Swide-web-magazineDolce-and-Gabbana 02-korean-blog-워니-jyo5618-presents-yuriAhn-fashion-editor-Swide-web-magazineDolce-and-GabbanaI live in Italy for 15 years and after so many years in the fashion industry some of my closest friends have convinced me to manage my own blog - theStylistme. I’m so addicted to the rush of the fashion world and this passion will grow through this new experience I was beginning with you, having access into my world, letting me share my fashion finds with you and what goes on behind the scenes. During the fashion shows I will let you discover many things that will be happening backstage that only myself and my exclusive team get to experience. It is really exciting to be the Fashion Editor of Swide for 5 years; sharing my work with you all, getting feedback and meeting all sorts of people. It is always exciting, dynamic and comes with a touch of fizz! So, that is why I present you with my fashion blog, so I can share with you my personal view on this world I find myself captivated by. Here is a preview of what I will be sharing with you… After 2 years I thought to be known especially in Italy and European countries, not in my country of origin – Seoul.  at least until recently I was thinking..

So,  Nice to meet you my new Korean friends!