00_yuriAhn_theStylistme_summer_nailpolish_neon_color_stylishNEON I’m lovin’ on Neon color nail polish of Color club! for this summer these are my current favorites, a orange neon color and shocking pink that go with just anything. 02_yuriAhn_theStylistme_summer_nailpolish_neon_color_stylishAs the weather changes, so does my preference for nail polish colors. They get a bit brighter (you all know I am not too fond of super bright popping colors, this is about as bright as they get except for the one color that has stolen my heart forever: Red! lol

01_yuriAhn_theStylistme_summer_nailpolish_neon_color_stylish Fluo- In summer i like to dress relatively simply, with bright colours and maybe some oversize or unique jewellery to set off the outfit.  I also like to wear fluo nailpolish which gleams in the sun.  I like to contrast the nailpolish to my outfit, but always with some harmony of course.03_yuriAhn_theStylistme_summer_nailpolish_neon_color_stylish For me nailpolish is like a coloured accessory.04_yuriAhn_theStylistme_summer_nailpolish_neon_color_stylish 05_yuriAhn_theStylistme_summer_nailpolish_neon_color_stylishWhat color of nail polish to your favorite summer?

Obsessiove compulsive? No, just nailpolish addict!