Denim Shorts obsession

00_yuriAhn_theStylistme_denim_shorts_styling_tips_summer_photographer_Marcello_TomasiReady for the weekend? Denim shorts are so easy to wear! Adaptable to every situation around the clock, casual yet so chic. Paired with Simply oversized top and zipper details sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain. I keep reminding myself that simplicity is the key behind everything, and sometimes a top, a pair of cool denim shorts and some killer sandals can be the absolute winner. 


02_yuriAhn_theStylistme_denim_shorts_styling_tips_summer_photographer_Marcello_TomasiMy all time favourite zipper details sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain. Love!

Until next time… Enjoy every minute of each day!  Have a gorgeous weekend!

Many kisses to all of you <3

Outfit of the Day

SHORTS : Dolce&Gabbana

TOP  & BAG:  Balenciaga

SHOES : Balmain

Photographer : Marcello Tomasi