Exclusive gossip: Gilda’s B/day party

00-birthday-party-of-gilda-celebrate-with-friends-gossip-by-thesStylistme-YuriAhnHAPPINESS Hello lovers! Last night we have celebrated the birthday of the Gilda. Here!  Birthday party gossip by theStylistme. Sometimes the most enchanting and fun things are the most simple : you just have to take the time to find them or find the people to share these kind of moments with to enjoy at the fullest! Happy birthday to @Gilda M.! Thank you all for Love! I hope you like it as much as i do. I achieved my goal: to look femminile & elegante impeccabile! So I chose black lace dress with baroque necklace Dolce&Gabbana. I loved all the compliments i got!  Follow on Instagram  crazy daily update!

000-birthday-party-of-gilda-celebrate-with-friends-gossip-by-thesStylistme-YuriAhn@Adriano is an expert investigator! We’ll see what will be happens. Life is full of surprises. 01-birthday-party-of-gilda-celebrate-with-friends-gossip-by-thesStylistme-YuriAhnAs you have seen a lot of photos with @Domenico. He’s My lovely Sicilian! Every time I ask my myself, he loves me or my clothes and accessories? Never mind! #happiness02-birthday-party-of-gilda-celebrate-with-friends-gossip-by-thesStylistme-YuriAhn @Gilda are you happy? thanks for the invitation and we’re enjoyed! 003-birthday-party-of-gilda-celebrate-with-friends-gossip-by-thesStylistme-YuriAhn As always I listen to you! Thanks again for precious advice da macho ;-) 04-birthday-party-of-gilda-celebrate-with-friends-gossip-by-thesStylistme-YuriAhn@Angelo.S & @Teresa #LOVE05-birthday-party-of-gilda-celebrate-with-friends-gossip-by-thesStylistme-YuriAhn Another crazy guy @Gabriele.G.06-birthday-party-of-gilda-celebrate-with-friends-gossip-by-thesStylistme-YuriAhn@Gabriele.G know, I ‘m very sincere with you and sometimes genuine!07-birthday-party-of-gilda-celebrate-with-friends-gossip-by-thesStylistme-YuriAhn Yo! Isn’t this the Sweetest pic?08-birthday-party-of-gilda-celebrate-with-friends-gossip-by-thesStylistme-YuriAhn  What were we doing? However how much we had laughed? like a crazy… LOVE @Domenico09-birthday-party-of-gilda-celebrate-with-friends-gossip-by-thesStylistme-YuriAhnIt does not seems like three girls of Charlie’s angels? haha @Teresa @Janne & me. Lets make sure we live it to the fullest! I hope you like it as much as i do.11-birthday-party-of-gilda-celebrate-with-friends-gossip-by-thesStylistme-YuriAhn Super adorable @Aston! Nice to meet you.12-birthday-party-of-gilda-celebrate-with-friends-gossip-by-thesStylistme-YuriAhn  I love talking with you watching their eyes who I keeping in heart! Sorry i become big talker with you! #bestfriend13-birthday-party-of-gilda-celebrate-with-friends-gossip-by-thesStylistme-YuriAhn No comment! The end of the evening everybody was crazy for karaoke…14_yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_love_neon_colour_theStylistmeRead more post : Colour pairings : Green&Orange .  I’m so happy for the gift for her. Necklace made by me!15-birthday-party-of-gilda-celebrate-with-friends-gossip-by-thesStylistme-YuriAhn Well.. As you know, for me shoes & jewellery are a my favourite toys. Proudly embracing  my MiuMiu sandals matched elegant black lace dress of & Other stories!

16-birthday-party-of-gilda-celebrate-with-friends-gossip-by-thesStylistme-YuriAhnI’ll reveal secret! I live down floor of the her apartment. All my friends were very curious to see my house. As soon as they are entered, everyone said the same word ‘OMG‘ my private collection! haha 17-birthday-party-of-gilda-celebrate-with-friends-gossip-by-thesStylistme-YuriAhnLovely moments!

I want to be shining for all you guys ♥ Thank you all for Love!

Hope you’re enjoying your life and living every minute to the fullest!

Stay tuned lovers! Kiss and Love


DRESS : & Other stories

NECKLACE / BAG : Dolce&Gabbana

SHOES : MiuMiu

WATCH : Cartier

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