My first list for christmas gift

01-YuriAhn-theStylistme-favourite-mirror-sunglasses-spektre-christmas-giftWISH YOUR CHRISTMAS This weekend I decided to make the list for Christmas gifts for my lovely family and my friends. What would be your first list for christmas gift­? Love to choose gifts thinking about who gets to make the surprise! For me accessories are the most important touch to to personalize the look! I’m fall in love with Mirror sunglasses, It’s the Must have for this season. So Top of my Christmas list this year comes Mirror sunglasses. I think it is perfect for the whole season. I keep reminding myself that simplicity is the key behind everything! Try to add a touch of style, can be the absolute winner. Well this occasion, I’ll show you how to match these sunglasses. I like to create harmony between different items for a perfectly styled look. I thought I would share how I’ve been wearing mine! Follow on Instagram my daily update!

02-YuriAhn-theStylistme-favourite-mirror-sunglasses-spektre-christmas-giftNeedless to say how much in love i’m with Leopard! It is one of my favourite items. I think it’s a must have piece in every woman’s wardrobe. Leo with mirror sunglasses. You can find similar by SPEKTRE sunglasses.03-YuriAhn-theStylistme-favourite-mirror-sunglasses-spektre-christmas-gift 04-YuriAhn-theStylistme-favourite-mirror-sunglasses-spektre-christmas-giftI think Leopard is the sensual element in every woman’s wardrobe. Mind you, this look can work for day or evening. It has always been favorite of mine. 05-YuriAhn-theStylistme-favourite-mirror-sunglasses-spektre-christmas-giftI find foulards very chic and versatile accessories which can liven up any look. Like top and also as a decoration for the bag. How much i love summer time! if i could, i would liver forever summer.06-YuriAhn-theStylistme-favourite-mirror-sunglasses-spektre-christmas-giftExaggeration ? Scarf to match with mirror lens sunglasses? For Summer we love having so many colorful things, It makes us happy. #loveit You can find similar by SPEKTRE sunglasses.07-YuriAhn-theStylistme-favourite-mirror-sunglasses-spektre-christmas-giftMonochromatic dressing is pairing varying shades of the same color together. Well.. jewellery in particular are a my favourite toys, including Electric blue mirror sunglasses by Mafalda86!08_YuriAhn_theStylistme_Monochromatic-dressing_for_AutumnSometimes, the simplest ideas lead to the best of results. All i needed was mirror sunglasses.09-YuriAhn-theStylistme-share-Rock Chick-for-this-fall-2013LADY IN ROCK -  I like the contrast of bike jacket mixed mirror sunglasses!10-YuriAhn-theStylistme-favourite-mirror-sunglasses-spektre-christmas-gift 11-YuriAhn-theStylistme-favourite-mirror-sunglasses-spektre-christmas-giftThe carefree summer days are long. Long gone and it’s time to swift lazy mode to back-to-work mode. You can find similar by SPEKTRE sunglasses.12-YuriAhn-theStylistme-favourite-mirror-sunglasses-spektre-christmas-giftRomantic sweater mixed mirror sunglasses! You can find similar by SPEKTRE sunglasses.13-YuriAhn_theStylistme-with-dolce-and-gabbana-FW-13-Filigree-sunglassesHere i am wearing Filigree sunglasses from the Dolce&Gabbana FW 2014 collection.14-YuriAhn-theStylistme-favourite-mirror-sunglasses-spektre-christmas-giftI obsessed with mirror sunglasses! You can find similar by SPEKTRE sunglasses.15-YuriAhn-theStylistme-favourite-mirror-sunglasses-spektre-christmas-gift 16-YuriAhn-theStylistme-favourite-mirror-sunglasses-spektre-christmas-gift 17-YuriAhn-theStylistme-favourite-mirror-sunglasses-spektre-christmas-gift

Here my first list for christmas gift­! 19-YuriAhn-theStylistme-favourite-mirror-sunglasses-spektre-christmas-gift

You can find similar by SPEKTRE sunglasses.

Which is your list for christmas gift?

Continue to shopping for christmas gift. It’s LOVE at first sight!

20_YuriAhn_theStylistme_mix_and_match_leopard_with_floral_Dolce_and_GabbanaMirror games and Mix and Matching with flower and leopard print!18-YuriAhn-theStylistme-favourite-mirror-sunglasses-spektre-christmas-gift

Hope you’re enjoying your life and living every minute to the fullest!

 Lovers hope everyone is having a wonderful this week!

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