00-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-colour-pairings-blue-berries-trend-SS14MODERN ROMANCE #MFW: Hello Loves! #MilanFashionWeek is here. With shows all over the city. The downtown girl embodies    Milan City. So today i talk about different shades of blues & berries. Yes ladies, you heard me right. I’m finally succumbing to the power of the blue trend. There was a whole lot of Blue and pop colour or pastel pink on the SS 14 runways and as a devoted fashionista myself, I thought it was about time to give it a go.So how do you feel about blues this season? I’m wearing juicy purples colour Chunky cropped sweater  with flirty feel electric blue mini full skirt  & Other stories. Quickly becoming one of my favorites, there’s something so fresh for this season about this particular combination. Will you wear sparkling electric blue and wild berries or pastel pink or pop colour? Well! As you followed me on my blog and Instagram , I’m choosing looks for #Milanfashionweek FW 14. Now I’m spoiled for choice looks for #Milanfashionweek! I can’t wait to see some great shows FW 14 women fashion show! What should I wear for Versace (tonight) and the Dolce&Gabbana on sunday? Should be always glamorous. Keeping these three keywords: FeminineElegant and Romantic. Help me choose looks for #MFW! I hope, all you guys enjoing #milanfashionweek! Follow on  Instagram my daily update!

01-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-colour-pairings-blue-berries-trend-SS14Top 10 Women’s colors for Spring/Summer 2014, by Fashion Snoops. Blue has already achieved popularity as a commercial fashion color and it continues forward this season. Electric blue mini full skirt  from & Other stories. So lovely! It’s so flirty feel and romantic shade! I like to create harmony between different items for a perfectly styled look. I thought I would share how I’ve been wearing mine! 02-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-colour-pairings-blue-berries-trend-SS14Crop it like it’s hot! My love for Chunky cropped sweater  is nothing new as i’ve been. 03-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-colour-pairings-blue-berries-trend-SS14 04-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-colour-pairings-blue-berries-trend-SS14I’m always in love with giant jewellerys. I want to be visible 3km away! lol05-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-colour-pairings-blue-berries-trend-SS14Back to basics! I choose monochromatic Clutch bag, go for complementing or even a pop of color. I  love this Clutch! It’s pairing varying shades of the same color together. The perfect pair for a night out.06-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-colour-pairings-blue-berries-trend-SS14Mixing it up with fur boots from D&G. It would probably look ridiculous walking down the street on a normal person… but I still love it. I’m lover for fur. I hope you are all staying warm, it’s freezing here!07-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-colour-pairings-blue-berries-trend-SS14 08-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-colour-pairings-blue-berries-trend-SS14

Inspiration : Wild berries


See you sunday for the Dolce&Gabbana women fashion show FW 14! 10-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-colour-pairings-blue-berries-trend-SS14It’s just a few days until the Dolce&Gabbana Winter 2015 Womens Fashion Show. Watch it live on Sunday, 23rd February 2014 at 2.00PM (GMT+1) Follow Live streaming of the Dolce&Gabbana women fashion show FW 14!




Behind the scenes: Wild berries shooting :-)

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SWEATER / SKIRT : & Other stories



 Photographer : Marcello Tomasi

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Ps. I’m super excited for fantastic weekend in Paris and next destination will be Naple! Oh yes! I already have in mind what kind of looks for this trip to Paris. Keeping these three keywords: FeminineElegant and Romantic! I can’t wait it!

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