The A-List for Pre-Fall 2013

Hey guys! I want to present the best looks from Dolce&Gabbana Pre collection 2014. Fist of all, for Fall Winter 2014 absolutely essential Dolce&Gabbana Flowers collection have been inspired by spring flowers include eyewear. What do you think to add into the shopping list for holiday?

Dolce-and-Gabbana-FW-2013-womenswear-collection-flower-print-for-ceremonies1. A Wallpaper : inspired by spring flowers. Look ravishing like a summer composition of flowers and fruit for your special occasions this summer with the Dolce&Gabbana Fall Winter 2014 pre collection. Continue reading “The A-List for Pre-Fall 2013” »

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Summer is here

01_yuriAhn_theStylistme_wearing_flower_print_jumpsuit_relax_weekendMy friends and I are enjoying this lovely Summer weather. I love the wind in my hair and on my face when I cycling. Ready steady go!  Continue reading “Summer is here” »

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Kate Moss Queen on vogue uk

01_KateMoss_Vogue_uk_Summer_sensational_Dolce_and_Gabbana_SS13Kate Moss looks glamorous and sultry on Vogue UK June 2013 photographed by Patrick Demarchelier wearing a Dolce&Gabbana Spring Summer 2013. Continue reading “Kate Moss Queen on vogue uk” »

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weekend inspiration

Weekend ispiration!

Have fun listening to Daft Punk (feat. Julian Casablancas) – Instant Crush [Random Access Memories] Continue reading “weekend inspiration” »

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Why did the python cross the road

00_yuriAhn_blogger_theStylistme_mix_and_match_styling_with_pythonI’m in the new area in MilanPorta Nuova Garibaldi The renovation and improvement of the urban texture is a natural development for the existing quarter. Continue reading “Why did the python cross the road” »

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For Chanel lover

Un film de Karl Lagerfeld pour Chanel di VOGUE Paris.

Credits :  Chanel , Vogue Paris

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Workin it w/ photographer

01_Behind the scene_shooting_yuriAhn_theStylistme_with_Photographer_Marcello_TomasiWe all have those special friends. Especially me. I’m a quite and reserved person, but I like to open up with my few special friends. Few but good. Is easy for me to share with them my feelings, both the good and the bad times. Marcello is one of them. He has become a really good friend of mine. Continue reading “Workin it w/ photographer” »

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Sunshine on my shoulder

01_yuriAhn_blog_theStylistme_mix_and_match_blue_glitterHi guys! After an intensive day, today it´s time to attend an amazing dinner with my friends. I´m so happy and excited about it! Continue reading “Sunshine on my shoulder” »

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Colour pairings: Green & Orange

00_yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_love_neon_colour_theStylistmeSalt and pepper, prosciutto and melon: there are some things that are made for each other – they just go together. In fashion, it’s often the unexpected that make the best pairs – like stripes and florals, or leather and chiffon. The mix of  Green and Orange is one of those such pairings. Quickly becoming one of my favorites, there’s something so fresh about this particular combination. Continue reading “Colour pairings: Green & Orange” »

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A boyish twist to a leopard

01_yuriAhn_fashion_editor_swide_styling_tips_a_ boyish_twist_to_leopardFor this post i want to tell you about my passion for leopard print. I loved leopard print even before i starter working for Dolce&Gabbana. I’m wearing Ultra feminine brocade leopard corset it’s one of my favourite items. Matched to stone washed. Continue reading “A boyish twist to a leopard” »

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