Exclusive gossip: Gilda’s B/day party

HAPPINESS Hello lovers! Last night we have celebrated the birthday of the Gilda. Here!  Birthday party gossip by theStylistme. Sometimes the most enchanting and fun things are the most simple : you just have to take the time to find…

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i’m looking towards autumn with animalier and the baroque dolce and gabbana collection

Ever season Dolce&Gabbana revisit one of their classic looks, leopard print, and offer to us wild animalier lovers a new colour to drool over: this season it’s a beautiful pine green. Dolce&Gabbana its more like a colour that a print-…

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Yuri’s corner: a roaring Dolce&Gabbana look

In my opinion a leopard print top should be a staple in any fashionable woman’s wardrobe. It doesn’t always have to be the starting point for a dressy ensemble, it can also be an injection of animal pluck to a…

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