New York state of mind

One of my favourite cities to visit in New York, i think its best to go in the Autumn or Spring time. I went to visit one of my best friend in New York for two years in a row. I met her when living in LA for work. I’d say i know a bit of the American culture. I like NY for the culture and art, the music and of course the shopping. I like the mix between the European and American cultures in NY. When I walked down the road it was like being in a movie, the city is the protagonist of many of my favourite movies. Last year when i went i bumped into my drear friends @Giuliano Federico @Massimiliano Marchesani@Alessandro Sicoli. We went round  museums-Moma, Guggenheim and i went crazy with shopping! While at the Guggenheim we bumped into the model @Luis Kelling

Here i’m at the Meatpacking District, one of my favourite areas in NY of shopping. There are so many cute shops, not well known but characteristically NewYorker. There are lots of romantic restaurants too. If you’re around go to the @Pearl Oyster bar in the West Village (close to Meatpacking District) They have great oysters and fresh lobsters served with fries! So Yum! One of th ething si like about the States in the variety of nailpolishes available! Especially Minx.Its like a sticker which you attach to your nails with heat, you can only get it in NY. As you know i have  athing for nailpolish.

These is  my usual shopping tour when in NY, Greenwich Village, East Village, Soho, Nolita,  Little Italy, Tribeca, Lower East Side. The usual places frequented by fashionistas. When i go to NY i go with two extra suitcases- EMPTY! lol One thing i adore about NY is that you just hav eto rais eyour hand a taxi will bring you anywhere you like! I don’t think i’ve ever taken the subway.

Here i was in qui Williamsburg and Brooklyn , two new cool place to go to visit- really on the up. There were lots of art galleries and shops, it was like being in London. In Brooklyn go to the pizzeria @difara. it was amazing, the best I’ve ever eaten in my life!!!! The chev is italian of course, Its a lovely small place and the cue was masive. I usually liek to eat native food when i’m away, but this pizza is really amazing, do try it, if you get the chance. For dinner we usually wentto Tribeca, my favourite place for the evening, Its clos eto the Hudson River, really happening, full of restaurants and bars. We had a drink at @locanda verde:377 Greenwich St. Do go! Its cool and elegant.

On my last day i wanted to go to Broadway and be a real tourist. Its nice to have touristy memories of a place too. It was amazing to see the musical billboards and i had a coffee at the ABC Hotel. Its really interesting- the lobby looks like a university library, and the hotel store has lots of cool stuff. They even stock emerging designers, look at the mannequins by the door!

You may hav enotice i was accompanied on my trip by a finger puppet. His name is Apple. Before i left Italy a friend gave him to me and asked to take him to NY with me. Like Yomo in the movie Amelie. It was really fin to visit NY with Apple by my side, and taking pictures with him. It was sad though cause i lost him on Soho so i had to replace him with a lollipop with a teddy bear! And of course, Apple loves Chanel too!!!