Leopard print passion- it’s as wild as the jungle!

My passion for leopard print is endemic, I loved leopard print even before i starter working for Dolce&Gabbana. Of course to love the print you have to love the animal too. It was amazing to go on Safari in Africa and to see a real life leopard, elegantly draped on a tree, in the shade, having a dose. The leopard is so regal, even when napping. For this blog i wanted to tell you about my love for leopards. I thought it made sense. Here i took out all of my leopard print outfits, and they’re a lot and want to suggest what to wear with animalier prints.  Leopard print is a strong string in Dolce&Gabbana’s DNA, every season there’s leo print and new and exciting colour variants. Many people assume that leopard print is hard work to wear, sexy or even vulgar, but with the right accessories it can be a chic feminine look for the daytime too.

01 Ultra feminine leopard The corset s one of my favourite items. I think its a must have piece in every woman’s wardrobe. It depends on the occasion: you can wear it with a denim mini, or skinny jeans, or even go crazy and wear just that. I was wearing it in this way for a Harper’s Bazaar interview. The snow leopard variation is sleek and sexy! I wore this dress on my birthday last year. For the day, usually wear leo accessories (scarf, bag, shoes). In this pic i was completely leopard print- but it was just because i was in NY and i needed a big bag, and a scarf cause it was windy, and all i had were leopard print ones. I was away and couldn’t take all my things with me for a different styling occasion every day.

02 Mix &Match with leopard print and floral, or lace or even sequins. As well as wearing one whole leopard print piece, i also like to mix and match with other elements of prints. I like to create feminine looks with floral prints or fun exuberant looks.

03 Leo with denim. For the day i love to wear my leopard print with denim, whether its a mini skirt of skinny jeans. A leopard print camisole with a denim mini in very feminine yet casual, while when wearing a white shirt it becomes good office wear.

04 Mix & Match part 2 something a little more formal. I don’t look to serious eh? But you know i do like to create some harmony with contrasting pieces. For example i like ripped grungy jeans with a sexy chiffon and lace baby doll or for #PFW i wore white leo print with a sequins blazer.

05 As you may have imagined by now i can’t but have lots of leopard bikinis. Even at the beach i like to wear leo and Mix &Match.

06 I often like accessorize simple outfits with leopard print accessories: shoes, bags and scarves, for an extra roaring touch.

07 And now, some suggestions of accessories that work well with leopard print. I think large, crystal or pearl necklaces work well. They lift the outfit give some colour and a touch of classic class.

Dolce&Gabbana now have added to their leopard print roster the Animalier Bike. As you have already read, i participated in the launch event of the bike along with other bloggers.

To celebrate the warm season and animalier, Swide has done a small shoot with me, entirely leopard clad, cycling on the Animalier Bike. What fun!So here is what i wore. A leopard print raffia Miss Sicily, leggings which matched my blazer with leopard print lining and leopard print peep toe sandals. I like to wear pearls with leopard printed outfits for an elegant touch. And a flower broach in my hair in an chic bronze colour- its made my me! Soon i’ll tell you all about my creations! Sunglasses from the Mix & Match Collection.

The shoot was a request by out Editor in Chief of Swide, he wanted total leo on the leopard print bike. I was a little ashamed of the leopard overload!

Behind the Seams on Swide.

Here’s a picture of me at the launch event with @Eleonoracarisi & @ErikaBoldrin

For SS12, if you can’t do without leopard print, even on the beach, then have a look at the Dolce&Gabbana SS12 fluo leopard beachwear.

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