Birthday Girl Celebrates with Dolce&Gabbana

Today it’s my birthday! The looks I’ve chosen are things that I’d love to wear for my party.I usually don’t celebrate much for my birthday, but this year I decided to throw a party for my nearest and dearest.

For the day, I chose a neutral coloured Lace dress with an interesting silhouette: fitted on the bodice and with a tulip shaped skirt. This shape is cute and also very feminine. For my birthday I want to look romantic, elegant and feminine! Match to the dress a pair of elastic and suede boots, they remain close to the foot and slim the ankle, wile for the bag I went for a tapestry print quilted maxi bag, I love this style! Add a touch of baroque glamour with a cameo and enamelled flower necklace.

yuri Ahn in the Romantic mood Dolce&Gabbana FW 13 #Milanofashionweek.

For the evening I would want to wear a leopard print gown (we all know how much I Love leopard print!) I’ve chosen a typically Dolce&Gabbana silhouette, The exposed shoulders and gathered bodice give the wearer a definite feminine appeal. The flower at the waist is sexy and well, leopard print, even in the new FW13 hue of pine green, is an evergreen glam statement! Over the dress, you know, it gets chilly in September in the evening, I’ve chosen a short fur cape- the must have item for the season. For accessories I’ve gone for a black crochet clutch with charms inspired by Sicilian culture and elegant suede and gold sandals. Jewellery wise I’ve gone with the baroque inspired jewellery- my favourite from the collection! To emphasize the ladylike look I would have my hair up in a bun, and add a touch of romanticism with the rose comb and matching rose earrings.

DNA Coding: the corset dress on Swide.

Award Winning Red carpet looks @Dolce&Gabbana FW 13

A cape is the must have item for the season. Read more on Swide.

DNA Coding: the statement blouse.Read more on Swide.

As a fragrance, for my birthday I’ll wear Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme.

For me perfume is such a personal matter. Sometimes you  can’t remember the name of someone, but their smell stays with you. I love to find interesting and rare fragrances. Soon I’ll tell you all about my perfumes, here’s a preview. And here are my fragrances- always in my suitcase! I usually put a dab of perfume on before go to the bed. I like floral scents but not too sweet. Hanae Eau de Parfum by Keiko Mecheri. Its my favourite- I like to wear it all the time, whether it’s a normal day or a special occasion. Robert Piguet Baghari This is my favourite for winter, it’s a bit mysterious, amber and natural vanilla.  Fracas- This is the only more feminine and sweet perfume I own:, vetiver and musk. Tom ford Black Velvet- Its a very interesting scent- its strong yet elegant- I like to wear it in the evenings.

As for make up, I’d like to opt for something natural, and the perfect partner is the new Dolce&Gabbaan foundation- Perfect Luminous skin is your most important accessory for Fall.

And now to the nailpolish! I need something very special for my birthday. What do you suggest? Classic red which matches with the red roses of the jewellery?

I’m waiting for my Mr. Big wearing an elegant bow tie! Reveal the dandy in you with extravagant bow ties come winter.

Even though we’re far, I think of them always. Thank you family for all the love and support! I LOVE you! A funny anecdote! A few years ago I happened to be in Korea for my birthday. Pur tradition is to eat algae soup for your birthday, and since my mother was so used to celebrating without me, she forgot to make me the soup!  Here’s a picture form my father’s B/ day this summer!

They’re the most beautiful couple in the world! And look at the cake: it’s made of rice balls. These rice balls are atypical Korean dish, I had no idea you could make cake with them! Thanks to my sister in law!  Soon I’ll tell you about Korean food… I can’t wait!

I miss my father’s sense of humour, he’s so fun and always smiling!

Thank you again to my family for helping me and for making me into who I am today!!

Lots of Love from Milano!

ps. I love the word star. I love watching the night’s sky when they shine brightly like jewels and i love it when my friends call me “stella” (star) in an affectionate way. I want to be shining for others.
My love of stars made me crazy for the FW12 Dolce&Gabbana collection- inspired by these celestial bodies.