My Birthday Parties!

Until recently, for my birthday i used to organize little intimate dinner parties with my closets friends, but this year i chose to do a bigger event and celebrate with all the people closet o me. My actual birthday is on the 20th September, but this year it was during #Milanfashionweek, so i decided to throw the party on the 25th, once the fashion week jammed packed schedule had cleared! In Milan we’re already feeling autumn. I wanted to retain a romantic look, but not too sweet. SO i kept my baroque jewels from the Dolce&Gabbana FW13 collection and match it to funky military style boots with a metal heel and a high ponytail. I also wore my new solver fox vest- thank Mummy! For my party I chose music which I like, like techno-house. Thanks to the super cool @DJ Mail-Q for the perfect soundtrack for my evening.

My closet friend, @mr. Medusa Yigit couldn’t miss my party for the world. He’s my neighbour and my best friend. He makes me laugh so much!

In the occasion of the fashion show we were lucky enough to have a real Sicilian, from London @Giorgio M. Thank you @Andrea C. @Alessandro S. @Giuseppe T. @Valentina C for the beautiful flowers and artichokes. Tomorrow I’ll wear them as earrings in case I run out of accessories! lol

My young group of friends. @Nicolo. M @Luca.B @Domenico. L

OMG! It’s like being at the carnival in Rio! This street vendor, al dressed up wanted to be a part of my party! It was so funny! @Terry A.  Happy or scared? Anyway Nice to see @Terry A  Enjoing my B/day party!

I love my boss @Giuliano F. Thanx so Much for Bringing me Big LOVE ♥ viva Napoli!

Thank you so much for the Mille feuilles cake! It’s my favourite! And for remembering my age!

Everyone knows i love flowers! I received so many beautiful bunches!

oh! @Gilda M Is she pole-dancing on the pavement? We weren’t drunk, no. @Yigit .T?

Paparazzi at the party? For me or for @Yigit T?

so sweetest French guy! @Aurelien J Thank you so much for coming! It was a lovely surprise!

Bonsoir @Aurelie’ F My lovely french girl

Don’t worry as you know , We ‘re always on line!

W/ the photographer @Federico G thank you for coming! As soon as i move house i’ll make some typical Korean dishes for you!

Good time as a kids at my B/day party! @Dennis V Thank you for always being near me! Our friendship will last forever!

Thank you! sweety @Alessia B. She organized this amazing party for me!

The party atmosphere! Thanx so much for coming!

They wanted a picture of me alone, but i didn’t want to be alone! I have all my friend there- that’s why i look so sad lol

@Massimo F @Gabry you’ve understood my love of glitter! Thank you so much for the lovely gift! Now my iphone shines as bright as me!

If life can always be this sweet!
I want took at All you guys in the eye and tell you ‘Thank you so Much ‘ for being a part of my life :-) Thanx Again for celebrating All toghether my B/day party.Life is short! Better enjoy every moment! Right!

On my birthday i received a beauitful bunch of red roses.
Well, maybe a do have a Mr Big. I just received a AMAZING bunch of Roses for my B/ day from someone who signed himself as Mr Big! :-)

This morning i received a Amazing surprise! i love reading notes. Here in the corner of my desk it gives me joy. I’ll light the candle in my New house! J’adore @Federic malle Parfums ♥

@Massimiliano M my best friend who now lives in china.
stella i miss you so much..

Do you remember? I Love the word ‘Star’. I love watching the night’s sky when they shine brightly like jewels and i love it when my friends call me “stella” (star) in an affectionate way. I want to be shining for others ♥ especially Massimiliano calls me ‘STELLA’. We’ve known eachother for over 10 years, and i still get emotional when he calls me that!
@Massimiliano M you are always in my heart.

My Love of stars made me crazy for the FW12 Dolce & Gabbana collection.

Thanx again with my heart for coming and celebrating my B/day.