Cicling in style with the Dolce&Gabbana Animalier bike

During Milan’s design week #salonedelmobile #swidesign I took part in the @dolcegabbana event to celebrate the release of their first ever limited edition bicycle: Bike My City. The even consisted in cycling around Milan on the eye-catching bikes. I love the wind in my hair and on my face when I cycle- so I couldn’t miss out on this event! Of course, leopard print was my outfit of choice!During the event, the guests were divided in four different groups who explored different areas of Milan. I was in the group with @Eleonoracarisi & @ErikaBoldrin

I love this photo! All these lovely animalier bikes parked at #spiga 2 boutique. Ready steady go! You couldn’t miss us on this Dolce&Gabbana bike!

each group consisted of about 20 people! All cycing on animalier bikes towards the Brera area of Milan. We rang our bells for extra attention! Even the invitation was printed with leopard of course!

This is my sort of bike! And it matches perfectly with leo print boots and a Miss Sicily ;-)

I finally got to meet @Eleonoracarisi & @Rink Olgaher photos are amazing!

The head of our cycle group was @Natasha_Slater lol @dolce&gabbana Bike My City!

Our group went from the Spiga 2 boutique to Brera- a bubbling design district in central Milan. And here are the other groups from the event @dolcegabbana Bike My City! How could you not notice so many beautiful women on animalier bikes?? People took pictures and cars stopped us to ask information on the Dolce&Gabbana animalier bike!


one shot back at spiga2 with @Eleonoracarisi & @ErikaBoldrin

After my holiday at Marsa Alam, I am super tanned and dressed in leopard print, riding an animalier bike I felt in a veritable urban jungle!!

@Eleonoracarisi & @ErikaBoldrin

@Marpassion was at the event as well. she is still so beautiful!

Some of the bloggers who joined the event. The atmosphere at Spiga 2 @Stoffa

Boutique Dolce&Gabbana 26, the window display was so fun!

The Refreshment stand #Spiga 2. They offered lemonade and a sandwich for those who took part in the event. We did a picnic at the store! The stand’s decoration was so fun, and of course the lemon yellow Alexa pump and a Dolce Bag could not be missed out!

When Dea Curić! Walked in, someone noticed that she was more leopardprint clad than me! Well, she works in the Dolce&Gabbana design office- she knows what looks good!

@Alessia Bossi she asked me to wear flat shoes! She was not impressed with my high heeled leopard print pony skin sandals! She did have loads of sun though!

Here’s Aurelie Falco! One of my favourite colleagues! She’s funny and super organized! Oh, and French!

@Bernadette who invited me to the event! Thanks you! I had so much fun! And @valeria milano is always so lovely and helpful. She helps me out on theStylistme too!

So many fashionable people ere intereste din the bikes and in Spiga 2.

And here is my leopard look! I got dressed up on purpose for the event! I love leopard print!

Did this inspire you? Have a look at some of the Dolce&Gabbana leopard accessories from the SS12 collection.

Amazing line of bikes outside the Dolce&Gabbana Womenswear Flagship store in Milan.

While we were out and about on our bike tour- we dropped into @VickVanlian  store. It was Design week after all!I loved that star shaped mirror with lights which created such a lovely 3D effect!. #salonedelmobile #swidesign. It’s my favourite mirror!

And the desk with ladie’s legs? Amazing! @Eleonoracarisi & @VickVanlian. Here Eleonora and Vick are standing behind the desk and laughing about those Barbie legs! I think Vick may have a thing for legs…

He was really kind and explained about his work, methods and inspiration.

And the chandelier with bicycle tyres! So apt for the day!

As well as being one of the bike girls I also had a spy cam attached to my bike!

photo credit: Rink OlgaDolce&Gabbana