01_YuriAhn-theStylistme-wearing-rose-print-dress-Dolce-and-Gabbana-fw-14WINTER FLOWERS Hello lovers!!! Flower prints are a strong trend for this winter. I think a printed dress is perfect for the whole season. Today I’m feeling a little romantic & soft rock. So I’m wearing beautiful flowery dress of Dolce&Gabbana contrast a Biker jacket. Autumnal colours which beautifully contrast summer.Even the simple piece to create feminine and so romantic look. Love for eternity! Simply because i love you that much! Sometimes, the simplest ideas lead to the best of results.  How would you wear the Flower prints? Let me apologise for the slow update, as you have seen already through my Facebook and Instagram. I’m doing many projects in the office. First and foremost, i did  illustration for eCommerce Dolce&Gabbana (Read more) I would say definitely well done. Very soon will be other amazing illustrations. And same time I’m so excited because I have so many interesting projects for my blog! I’m super excited for the upcoming events next few weeks. Sadly at the moment I can’t tell you nothing but especially one which will be held this next week. More news is coming up! Follow on Instagram my daily update! Have a Lovely weekend!

00_YuriAhn-theStylistme-wearing-rose-print-dress-Dolce-and-Gabbana-fw-14Well! Biker jacket is best friends with my denim pieces, and gets along just as well with my feminine lace and chiffon.  I like to create harmony between different items for a perfectly styled look. I thought I would share how I’ve been wearing mine! How would you wear the Biker jacket??02-YuriAhn-theStylistme-wearing-rose-print-dress-Dolce-and-Gabbana-fw-14Beautiful autum flower printed dress matching with flower crystal necklace. How can it be so many different things at once?  I love to wear impressive jewellery: i want my necklace to be visible 3Km away! Next time I’d try to this flowery dress mixing with Mirror sunglasses! Will be surprise! (Read more top of my Christmas list this year comes Mirror sunglasses!) 04-YuriAhn-theStylistme-wearing-rose-print-dress-Dolce-and-Gabbana-fw-14Dolce bag! Actually it speaks for itself! If you’re a fan of Dolce&Gabbana you should have it :-) So it add to femininity with a romantic rock twist styling.05-YuriAhn-theStylistme-wearing-rose-print-dress-Dolce-and-Gabbana-fw-14Bring the look together with a pair of matching socks and python skin shoes.

Here inspiring ways to wear a Bike jacket06-YuriAhn-theStylistme-share-Rock Chick-for-this-fall-2013It’s a reason why I always reach for my favorite Biker jacket: it pairs well with just about everything in your closet. It’s best friends with my denim pieces, and gets along just as well with my feminine lace and chiffon. 07-YuriAhn-theStylistme-share-Rock-Chick-for-this-fall-2013
 Here! Bike jacket matched with Sicilian pupi & stripe prints of Dolce&Gabbana. I love to create harmony between different items for a perfectly styled look. I thought I would share how I’ve been wearing mine! I was lovely event  #Bikercouture of Dsquared².  This event was inspired by the “on the road” concept, and organized with Triumph motorcycles Italia.  08_YuriAhn_theStylistme-love-with-stars-pattern-dolce-and-gabbana-FW-11
Here! I had set an interview to give to Harper’s Bazaar Turkey. To give a twist to this girly outfit, I paired a Biker jacket. Read more ‘Love of Stars’ - I want to be shining for others ♥07-YuriAhn-theStylistme-share-Rock-Chick-for-this-fall-201309-YuriAhn-theStylistme-share-Rock-Chick-for-this-fall-2013The carefree summer days are long. Long gone and it’s time to swift lazy mode to back-to-work mode. I know wasier said than done.

How would you wear the Biker jacket??

Hope you’re enjoying your life and living every minute to the fullest!

 Lovers I wish all you guys a lovely week-end!

Stay tuned loves! 


DRESS & BAG & SHOES : Dolce&Gabbana


 Photographer : Marcello Tomasi

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Find more Inspiring ways to wear Flower (veggies) prints!13–YuriAhn–theStylistme–wearing–romantic–dress–inspired–1950s–silhouette–-DolceGabbana–SS12-ETERNITY ROMANTIC : Fifties silhouette is a eternity romantic and it makes me feel like a 50’s diva. I’m wearing romantic crepè organza full skirt dress inspired the 1950’s silhouette of Dolce&Gabbana SS 2012 collection.11–YuriAhn-theStylistme-wearing-dolce-and-gabbana-SS12-mambo-italiano-created-own-stylingTomatoes are intrinsically linked to both the Italian countryside and cooking. In this case i wanted to add a 3D effect to the flowers. Whay i mean is that i chose a dress with tomato print and macramè with flower applications.15-yuriAhn-theStylistme-choosing-looks-for-milanfashionweek-feminine-twist-military-chicI’m going for a feminine look twist a military chic in perfect harmony.16_yuriAhn_theStylistme_wearing_dolce_and_gabbana_ss12_mambo_italiano_-aubergines_printed_dress_summerstyling_tips_photographer_Marcello_Tomasi I’m wearing the turgid deep purple aubergines printed dress.18–YuriAhn-theStylistme-wearing-dolce-and-gabbana-SS12-mambo-italiano-created-own-styling My passion for flowers : Of course my passion for fashion is deeprooted, but i harbour another love: Flowers. If i didn’t succeed in the fashion world i would have love to be a florist. I think my Dolce&Gabbana SS 12 tomato print skirt and Miu Miu glittery sunglasses worked like a treat in that natural and floral environment. Wouldn’t you say?21_yuriAhn_Digital_Fashion_Specialist_Dolce_and_Gabbana_wearing_Sicilian_folk_SS13_stripeI’m wearing mix and match with bold prints for an up to the minute look this summer. Sweet horizontal striped dress by the Dolce&Gabbana Spring Summer 2013 Sicilian folk collection. It’s inspired from beach umbrellas and sun loungers that Fifties silhouette.

10-YuriAhn-theStylistme-illutration-for-Dolce-and-Gabbana-FW-2013-MosaicI want to let you into a relatively unknown passion of mine. I grew up in a fashion environment as my parents owned a fashion lable. It was only natural for me to grow up to be a fashion designer. After that i had lots of lovely experiences as a fashion designer in many top  fashion houses. I am very happy and satisfied with my experiences as a fashion designer, as fashion editor and currently as Digital Fashion Specialist at Dolce&Gabbana. Little hint I’m doing research to find creative new way for illustration.  Would be inspiration ‘Mosaic’ from the Dolce&Gabbana collection FW 2013. Oops! I’ve already said too much. anyway I’ve got so many exciting news & projects coming up that I can’t wait to share with you guys. Find more my illustration for eCommerce Dolce&Gabbana (Read more) I would say definitely well done. Very soon will be other amazing illustrations :-)

 Many kisses and lots of love to all!