Magic weekend in the snow

01-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-fashionable-ski-wear-for-holiday-in-the-snowWELCOME TO PARADISE Hello Lovers! as I mentioned through the previous post, I had a fantastic weekend in the snow with lovely Stephanie. The place is called Madesimo in the province of Sondrio, in Valle Spluga. A very small and magical place. I was glad and happy to have had a fabulous weekend with her.  Personally I love to do all kinds of sports, especially skiing in the mountains for the winter. Very relaxing  to ski downhill at full speed with my music and enjoying the beautiful sun. @Stephanie thank you very much for having invited me. It was the Great getaway! I hope you liked the weekend as much as I did! I’m super excited for the upcoming events & holiday parties to attend in the next few weeks.  I already have in mind what kind of looks for the trip to Rome for next weekend. I want to create looks for a sparkling Christmas and New Year. Keeping these three keywords: feminineelegant and romantic! Follow on Instagram  my daily update! Have a Lovely new week!

02-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-fashionable-ski-wear-for-holiday-in-the-snowSnow bunny in natural - First day… Well! As you know, Should be always glamorous wherever you are. Keeping these three keywords: feminineelegant and romantic. Yes! Even in the mountains.03-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-fashionable-ski-wear-for-holiday-in-the-snowSo Dress code for first day : Blue. I chose Monochromatic dressing pairing varying shades of the same color together. I’m wearing a dark blue quilted down with fur trims matched with electric blue trousers and same colour mirror sunglasses. It can be done with almost any color and any type of clothing. A pair of different textures and fabrics within the same color family to create an even chic-er look. When choosing accessories, go for complementing or mix&match with different things. Let me tell you it’s perfect with any kind of dress as it definitely adds something super edgy! I love to wear impressive accessories that are visible 3Km away! (Read more top of my Christmas list this year comes Mirror sunglasses!). For me accessories are a my favourite toys. In this case including fox fur hat. All I needed was a electric blue mirror sunglasses By Mafalda86. Thank you Angelo@oreamalia! Brazilian treatment makes feel super glamorous with my straight hair!04-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-fashionable-ski-wear-for-holiday-in-the-snow-MedesimoMadesimo in the province of Sondrio, in Valle Spluga. A very small and magical place. 05-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-fashionable-ski-wear-for-holiday-in-the-snowFor the first time I tried to Telemark. Definitely I’m in LOVE! It’s super cool. It feels like you go skiing with with heels! Let me tell you, I felt very comfortable. Thank you so much @Giuseppe Manfredi, for letting me discover this new sport, I  adore trying  new things! Adoro my blue mirror sunglasses by @Mafalda86. They are perfect with any kind of dress as it definitely adds something super edgy!06-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-fashionable-ski-wear-for-holiday-in-the-snowLovely moments!: Snow white cats keep it’s cool!

07-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-fashionable-ski-wear-for-holiday-in-the-snow-Telemark_DetailsHere! All details of the Telemark. Needless to say how much I’m in love. I recommend you try it! @Giuseppe Manfredi. Thank you so much to introduce me!08-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-fashionable-ski-wear-for-holiday-in-the-snow-with-Stephanie Well!  I reveal a secret! She designed my blog and created a gorgeous logo theStylistme.09-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-fashionable-ski-wear-for-holiday-in-the-snow-Stephanie-Giuseppe.ManfrediInstead she’s in love with snowboard and wants to become a jumper in Argenina ski team. We skiied like two crazies and had fun meeting cute people.10-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-fashionable-ski-wear-for-holiday-in-the-snow The end of the day, We went to celebrate to be a magical place!11-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-fashionable-ski-wear-for-holiday-in-the-snowI’m quite reserved and I like to open up with few friends, few but good. With them it becomes easy for me to share my feelings, both the good and the bad times. If I tell you a little more about me, I’m not a big talker but I love talking with the special friends watching their eyes who I keeping in heart! So I become big talker! I do anything to entertain and therefore become a real little chatterbox. It’s just who I am. @Stephanie is one of lovely I want inside my heart. :) Thank you all for Love! Remembering something special lovely moments with them.12-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-fashionable-ski-wear-for-holiday-in-the-snowJamse Bond watch out! Dress code for second day: More simple & sporty while maintaining a touch of blue. I wanted to give focus to my mysterious blue shade matched with golden sunglasses by Mykita & Bernhard Willhelm Franz. As you know,  love to wear impressive accessories that to be visible 3Km away! For me accessories are a my favourite toys.13-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-fashionable-ski-wear-for-holiday-in-the-snowEarly in the morning we was enjoyed the sun, waiting maestro @Giuseppe Manfredi. I decided to enjoy with classic normal skis and to be together with my playlist for holidays. I skied like crazy like there wasn’t a tomorrow!15-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-fashionable-ski-wear-for-holiday-in-the-snowHey my sweet! You guy makes me feel the richest person in this world. Life is full of surprises!16-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-fashionable-ski-wear-for-holiday-in-the-snowI want to tell you definitively magic day in the snow! Nice to meet Sicilian maestro @Stefano Sciuto! I’m so lucky to have the private lesson (from 20 in skiing experience, for the first time in my life). The objective of the lesson is learn to ski with Elegance! OMG! already i’m so elegant I should add yet? Just Kidding! Well done!  After 2 hours, I felt like a ballerina. 17-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-fashionable-ski-wear-for-holiday-in-the-snowIf someone wants to learn to skiing, adding elegance and feeling chic, I suggest you have top lesson with @Stefano Sciuto. Grazie mille :-) 18-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-fashionable-ski-wear-for-holiday-in-the-snowHang ten snow cats!19-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-fashionable-ski-wear-for-holiday-in-the-snowSnap: with our cool maestri @Giuseppe Manfredi & @Stefano Sciuto For ski, telemark and snowboard. Thank you so much with all my heart! We’re very happy to have had two days with great maestri. But you know what? We’ve been brave to follow their advice. And I think, we’re only students to be nice (also fashionist) lol We hope see you guys very soon!20-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-fashionable-ski-wear-for-holiday-in-the-snow@Stefano Sciuto Over the private lesson for learn to ski with Elegance! Thanks for great pictures and he is also a photographer.23-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-look-for-holiday-partiesVery soon i’ll tell you my secret about my hair. For who wants to have shiny and straight hair as a diamonds. Do you want to know a little hint? Something a super cool ‘Brazilian treatment’ Thank you Angelo@oreamalia.

We only get one life, let’s make sure we live it to the fullest!

I hope you’re enjoying your life and living every minute to the fullest!

Have a wonderful new week!

 Stay tuned loves! Kiss and Love




TROUSER Decathlon

FUR HATDolce&Gabbana

BLUE FUR HAT: Marc Jacobs

GOLDEN MIRROR SUNGLASSES : Mykita & Bernhard Willhelm Franz


Credit : Giuseppe Manfredi, Stefano Sciuto

Holiday parties are just the corner! What to pack for your holiday?

Next time I’ll with my Charlie’s angels. We’re already planning other trips. Where i twill be next destination? I can’t wait!!24-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-total-black-look-for-holiday-partiesI’m super excited for the upcoming events & holiday parties to attend in the next few weeks. I’m so happy because I have so many interesting projects for my blog! More news is coming up! Follow on Instagram my daily update!

Ps. MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS Monochromatic dressing is pairing varying shades of the same color together.30-yuriAhn-theStylistme-wearing-Monochromatic dressing08-YuriAhn-theStylistme-shares-looks-for-holiday-parties-with-dolce-and-gabbana-fw-14-red-lace